Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

WordPress users have plenty of opportunities to improve their resources.

The network contains a huge number of instructions on how to add different functions, and also developed special plug-ins. Freelancers have little to do with accessing, extensions are invented for basic functions.

How to add popups on wordpress? Webmasters are often interested in this, as promotional materials have to be shown to every visitor.

Please subscribe to the newsletter, news, action, anything is added to the pop-up window, and absolutely everyone will see this information.

Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

If you are interested in pop-up windows only because of the subscriber base collection, look at the article - Installing a Wordresponder Smartresponder subscription form. With the most popular email service, mailing lists are much more convenient to maintain databases, collect subscribers and carry out other activities.

Install windows that overlap the main content of the page you need correctly. Such an approach can harm behavioral factors. Firstly, it is better not to use pop-ups for open advertising. Secondly, users need to be given the opportunity to close it immediately.

As in any other case, it is necessary to experiment, choosing different formats and information, then evaluating the statistics.

To start collecting data, use the best WordPress popup plugins:

  1. . This is the easiest way to make a WordPress popup window. The plugin is free, it does not have many settings, but it is easy to add ads, to promote the official group in the social. networks or set a subscription form. After installing the extension, go to the settings through the admin panel, there are not so many of them:
Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

The Russian language is supported, there are additional tools, advertising from Google Adsense is easily built in, and so on .

  1. . Want to make your popup on WordPress a delight? Then it is better to use this plugin. It is paid, but when you understand what opportunities open up, doubts about the purchase will disappear.
  2. For newbies, a simple constructor is implemented, several elements can be added to the window at once:

    Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

    A bunch of different settings, detailed statistics, pop-up version for the mobile version, parameters for fine-tuning your show times and more. This extension is set by true professionals.

    They know how important the appearance of the window is, and here a large selection of ready-made themes are offered:

    Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

    The plugin costs $ 25, but this is not such a large fee for so powerful tool. It is convenient to update the information in the pop-up window, add media files there and not bother about the design, as there are a lot of ready-made templates.

  1. . With the first two plugins, you can accurately set a pop-up window that opens after a certain period of time. This extension works slightly differently. It opens a window when you click on the link, button, image.
  2. It is installed in the usual way, and then easily adjusted:

    Top 3 WordPress Popup Plugins

    The form for adding a modular window looks just like the page for adding a new post.

    A WordPress popup window, when clicked, can contain any information, not all available settings are shown in the image. Through the item "Code" easily added other forms, feedback, subscription, and so on.

Which of these plugins did you like more? They have their advantages and disadvantages, but everything quality always costs money. Are you ready to spend money on something really useful? High-quality pop-ups help increase conversion.

A pop-up window when entering a WordPress site is one of the simplest functions. It is extremely easy to add it on your site; several plug-ins have been created for this task. We considered free and paid, simple and complex options, you only need to decide which is better.

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