TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

The World Wide Web has opened up wide opportunities for people, but not many people use them.

For example, in a network you can invest money profitably and turn small amounts into serious income. There are many scam artists in this area, but there are also projects that have been operating for several years and honestly pay dividends.

Where to invest a little money? A good question, because for every person "Small money" is a different amount. For the average definition, we take a few hundred rubles and in this article we will tell you where to invest such money.

We only talk about proven services and periodically show screenshots of payments from them in income reports.

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Where to invest 100 rubles?

For each person, “Small Money” is a different concept. Someone thinks that 10,000 is not a serious amount, amid millions of investments in real estate or real business. Economic games are ideal for minimum investment and interesting earnings. It is better to invest in proven and high-quality projects:

1. . An exciting online game with the withdrawal of money, where you can invest even less than 100 rubles.

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Here you will need to buy birds, and then periodically log in to collect eggs. The collected eggs are exchanged for silver and then displayed on electronic wallets. The cheapest birds cost only 1 ruble.

2. . This multiplayer strategy was launched in 2011 and continues to pay money.

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

There are many fans of games in which you need to develop your farm, and on this site you can also make real money. Immediately make deposits is not necessary, since after registration they give a field and a chicken coop.

3. . Another investment game where you don’t even have to do anything.

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Deposits are mandatory here, but you can start from just 49 rubles. That is how much the cheapest transport costs, which will become your taxi and will bring you 33 kopecks every day. If you have more money, you can buy a more expensive car, then the daily income will be higher.

Starting from 100 rubles, you will not achieve huge profits. Do not want to spend money from your pocket? Use sites to make money on the Internet without investment. The more you save, the higher the income from the start.

Where to invest a small amount? Referrals!

Only on click sponsors there are referral exchanges through which you can buy users and add them to your referral network. Here you need to learn how to choose lucrative offers and constantly analyze new referrals.

Also click-through sponsors are interesting because they have multi-level affiliate programs. You spend money on a set of a command of performers, and then you receive percent from their incomes. Fully passive investment. For example, money comes from 5 levels to Wmmail:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Referrals are sold for different money, some are worth less than a dollar, but mostly they are beginners. Buying them, you need to count on prospects. Each referral can become active as a performer and referrer.

Look for options to buy on the following mailers:

  • Wmmail
  • Seosprint

This most popular click sponsors, where there are many offers on the stock exchanges. Even if after some time you change your mind about collecting a referral network, you can resell users.

Is this profitable enough? The main question of all newbies. In bucks, I myself build referral networks, and they receive stable contributions. In order not to talk about it for a long time, I’ll just share my earnings statistics from an affiliate program at one of the mailers:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

With small contributions, you can also become a successful investor, the most important thing is to know services work better. And to avoid serious risks, diversify deposits, that is, invest your money in small pieces through different systems.

Now you know about several proven projects and you have the opportunity to reduce risks.

TOP 11 options, where to invest a little money

It is difficult to share such information, because I have no idea what kind of starting capital you have. Someone is willing to invest small amounts of money from 100 to 1000 rubles, some allocate from 1 to 5 thousand. There are those who consider a meager sum of the deposit of 10-20 thousand rubles. When choosing a method, start from the amount you have:

  1. Investment in savings.

Surely you have your own goal, for which you decided to become an investor. Buying a car, paying for a trip abroad, purchasing real estate, and so on. The project is ready to help achieve the desired. On this site you can open a savings account and periodically deposit a certain amount.The entire amount will not have to be collected, the system adds interest for its use:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

This is a unique project, and how much interest you get depends on the selected period. You can set a goal - to save $ 100 and make a few dollars a week to start investing with a little money. The yield on this program starts from 52%, but if you invest for 24 months, it increases to 304%:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

There are other programs on the site, but they are not so interesting. When using deposits, the entire amount is paid immediately for a certain period and then paid out with interest. There is also a Rentier program, in which a large amount is paid, and then paid in parts. There are no problems with payments, but they are processed for a long time.

It is the queue for payments that is the main disadvantage, sometimes it is very long. The main thing do not worry, this service is used by thousands of people from 85 countries. You can earn extra on attracting partners. Referral system of 8 levels, deductions from 0. 1% to 10%.

  1. Investment in gold.

Precious metals have always been an attractive asset. Buying jewelry for these purposes is not so profitable, because when you buy them you pay for the work of the jeweler, which you may not appreciate in the future. The best investment in gold is the payment of assets. They are now offered in almost all banks.

Where does the profit come from? With the resale of gold at a higher cost. Readers of this article are looking for where to invest a little money, so you have to wait for the dynamics of the quotes for a long time. Experienced experts are confident that the precious metal will rise in price soon, because over the past 5 years the trend has dropped significantly lower:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

You can’t buy ingots with a small starting capital, and there’s no of necessity. Where you will keep such a "treasure", it is better not to risk and entrust storage to large companies. Just open an account and buy the equivalent of gold. For example, this can be done with the Webmoney payment system:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Registered users can open a special account for storing title units, at a price equivalent to 1 gram of gold. We described this method in detail in the article - create a WMG wallet and invest in gold. The main advantage is the ability to invest small amounts (it is allowed to buy less than a gram of gold).

  1. Cryptocurrency deposits.

With currency everything is exactly the same as with investing in precious metals. You may have heard about Bitcoins, in their time they made a lot of noise. People got these electronic money in different ways, and when their rate soared to $ 1000, some even became millionaires.

In 2014, the Bitcoin rate began to fall, investment in cryptocurrency partially lost relevance. However, those who believed in the growth of quotes did not lose. Throughout 2016, the course went up, and in early 2017, broke the record. Now for 1 Bitcoin coin exchangers offer more than $ 1000:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

If you invest a little money in this business, there will be little confusion. For example, it was possible to buy 1 BTC for $ 500 in 2016, and sell it in 2017 for $ 1,000. Who had dozens of bitkionov received a solid profit. You can buy less than 1 bitcoin, and to increase your start-up capital, use mining earnings with Minergate:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

A simple program runs on a full machine. Through it, calculations are carried out with a video card, so the profit depends on the power of the PC. Not only Bitcoin is mined, there are a number of other cryptocurrencies. Professionals are also invested in them, given the development prospects.

  1. Buying websites with income.

If you have money, then why not get your own website? Newbies are afraid to start creating websites, because they have to develop them from scratch and wait a long time for profits. This problem is canceled if you buy a ready resource that is already generating income. Is it really to do with a small starting capital? Some lots are worth less than 5,000 rubles:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

This project is taken as an example, blitz the price to buy is slightly less than 3,000 rubles. The site has attendance, and it even brings a couple of hundred rubles a month. Of course, this is not the best option, but cheap. For those who are willing to invest more money, many other lots are open with more serious indicators:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

You need to understand the statistics so as not to spend money on any trash. Not all resources are worth the stated money, there is a calculator on the stock exchange, try to calculate the approximate cost. In general, it is better to consult with someone experienced, before making a purchase.

  1. Traffic arbitration.

Would you like to start your own business and not depend on anyone? Here you have a great option. When using this method, you will need to find a profitable affiliate program and advertise products / services by any means.Money in this case will be needed for advertising campaigns.

Explaining on the fingers - you can select an affiliate program from an aggregator such as. There are many different offers, with payment for installing mobile applications, purchasing goods, attracting customers, and so on. Suppose you connect to the offer for the sale of cream with a reward for the sale of from 360 to 560 rubles (depending on the country of the buyer):

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Normal conditions, having received a link to attract customers, It needs to be placed somewhere. We go to any advertising service and order the placement of banners, teasers and any other blocks there. For example, if you order an advertisement for (donate 50 rubles for registration), then each transition through an advertisement will cost 0. 5-1. 5 rubles:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

So, if you start with a minimum investment of at least 2000 rubles, you get 4000 transitions with the minimum cost of the transition. If out of this huge crowd, at least 4 people make an order, the money pays off. If there are 8 of them, they double, 12 - they are tripled. But do not think that everything is so simple, many just go on advertising and do not perform any action.

To increase the chances of success, you need to really find something interesting on the aggregators. The cream for varicose veins from our example is not such an attractive product.

Plus, it is necessary to filter advertising platforms, selecting the target audience. Considering our example, the sites of women will be ideal. Not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, but it’s quite real to understand, but it brings decent money.

  1. Resale of articles.

To start investing small amounts in resale, textual content fits perfectly because it is inexpensive. It will not be possible to do this inside one exchange (prohibited by the rules). Therefore, you will need to register on several sites and look for great deals.

By subject, try to choose articles about real estate, medicine, business, finance, forex, construction. They are in high demand. Wmmail store is ideal for buying texts. There, the moderators manually check every article, the quality is good, and if there are errors, then a notification is put about it. Prices start at 4-10 cents per 1000 characters:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

A total of 11 cents per article by almost 2000 characters. It is unlikely that you will find cheaper content on the Internet. In this example there are no errors, the uniqueness is necessarily verified by Advego Plagiatus. If you buy 50 articles for the price of 20-30 cents, you will spend only 10-15 dollars. With the sale of 10-15 texts money will pay off, the rest is net profit. Where is it better to sell them?

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

In the list, the exchanges are arranged according to test rigidity and average rates. So, Advego has the most serious quality requirements, but buyers are also ready to lay out substantial money. And on the TextSale exchange, the opposite is true; content is cheap and it is practically not checked. Register on all sites, if the article does not pass validation in one system, add to another.

It is advisable to understand copywriting, at least a little, and in the subject matter on which articles are bought up. Sometimes you have to refine the content, in some cases, it is advantageous to supplement it in order to raise the price. For investors with small start-up capital, the option is ideal.

  1. PAMM investment.

The next way, where you can invest a small amount of money, is associated with Forex. Learning to trade is not necessary, as well as investing thousands of dollars. Traders accept any funds from depositors in order to collect the largest possible amount for bidding.

The scheme is simple, the PAMM account is opened by the trader, the money raised is used for trading. One of the best sites where many PAMM accounts are offered is. At first, everything seems to be too complicated, in fact, these are passive investments, that will suit the newcomer:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Such data is provided for each trader. At the moment, this manager has collected almost $ 2 million in capital. For all the time he earned about a million dollars. The yield is 146. 81% is an excellent indicator, and the maximum drawdown is only 2. 46% (for so much capital sagged).

It is possible to transfer any amount under the management of this trader, he has only 1 week trading period, i.e. it is allowed to withdraw profit after 7 days. Many people think that impressive amounts are required for this, but specifically in our example, the minimum deposit is only $ 10:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Of course, you will not have to wait for a good investment with the minimum investment amount. As practice shows, on average, a week, traders get a profit of up to 5%. Considering that they take 20-30-30 percent of themselves, with tens of dollars they will get about 2-3 bucks, at best.Experienced investors invest thousands of dollars in the work of managers and get a good profit:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

The trading week began with a total investment of $ 2,093, and at the end of the period the amount increased by 43. 06 $. The investor did not have to do anything, he just received an income of about 2,500 rubles. In this situation, for the month, 10,000 rubles is already running, which is quite good, given the complete lack of activity.

Like any other methods, this option involves risks. Before transferring money under management, find out how dangerous PAMM investment is. Although there are no perfect ways to increase your money, there is always the possibility of losing some or all of the amount at once.

  1. Binary options.

Another way to increase your money, but unlike the previous one, it requires active work. Binary options, or more simply, rates on asset quotes bring up to 95% of the profits, and get it in a couple of minutes. How do you like these conditions? You invest 500 rubles, and in a few minutes you get 900-1000 rubles.

The option for investing small money is ideal. The minimum deposit is 350 rubles, and the rates open up to 30 rubles. So that you understand how it works, let's look at the example of trading. After registering and replenishing the balance, go to the platform and decide what and how much to deliver:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

For example, the metal Copper (copper) was chosen. The graphics show how the price for this raw material changes in the world market. You just need to guess if it will be lower or higher at the chosen time. We will set one minute to conduct a quick deal. Open the option for 1000 rubles by selecting "Below". The result is 800 rubles of net profit in 60 seconds:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

It makes no sense to explain how profitable this business is for those who make deals several times a day and for more substantial amounts. The risks here are quite high, because determining the movement of exchange rates and other quotes for a short period of time is problematic.

First of all, it is better to choose the expiration time at least for a few hours. Secondly, it is necessary to learn how to trade. We recommend learning binary options trading on the Bollinger Line strategy. Sophisticated tactics will reduce risks and increase the frequency of winnings.

  1. Earnings in social networks.

One of the options to invest in the promotion of the group, then to earn money on advertising, but there is a more interesting way. The Sarafanka service (project closed) offers to make money on easy tasks via Facebook, paying approximately 50 cents for reposts and joining groups. After registration, users are available to work on $ 5, but this is not enough.

You need to buy a paid rate, spending at least another $ 5 (300 rubles). The Trial tariff costs $ 10 , and it manages to collect about $ 20. There are better deals, they are more expensive. After scrolling money, you can reinvest them in order to gradually go to a higher profit:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

In this image, not all tariffs are presented yet, but we are looking for where to invest a little amount of. So, earning $ 5 on assignments and investing another $ 5 to purchase Trial, orders will be received for 3 days. Paying up to $ 7 per day for their performance, work for less than 30 minutes:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

With this kind of work, you can do it for sure, and to increase your income without investment, use an affiliate program . Invite friends to the system, get a percentage of the company's profits and the money they spent on their tariff plans:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

What Facebook account you have doesn't interest anyone, it can only be 10- 20 friends. The most important thing is not to miss the days set aside for work at the rate. If you do not perform the proposed work, then these orders will no longer be available. On expensive tariffs there is a function of freezing the receipt of tasks and the possibility of re-buying them.

  1. Investments in startups.

New projects on the Internet are constantly appearing, and their organizers often do not have sufficient funds for promotion. A popular developer has solved the problem with financing. They opened several interesting services, including and.

Sites are already running and they have a huge number of fans. Now shares are sold from startups, their holders receive a portion of their total income. Dividend payments take 10% of the project's profits. They are distributed in proportions, the relative percentage of the share. Shares of 10 euros are sold (this is the minimum investment amount):

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

Shares from the company are no longer sold, but they can be bought from other users. Prices have not changed. Besides the fact that there will be a small income with a share, they are allowed to be resold. The way to make money is comparable to deposits in stocks, only here everything is done in a simple way.

The main question is, how many shares do you bring, how much money can you expect? Predict how large dividends will be impossible, but on the main page of the site there is a graph showing how much one share in percents brings:

TOP 11 options where to invest a little money

The most important thing is that investors get stable payments. By the way, the money from the site is displayed via Payeer, AdvCash and PayPal, the minimum amount is 30 euros. If you invite 20 referrals, it drops to 10 euros, plus up to 31% will come from replenishments of attracted users.

Conclusion and advice to novice investors

Do not be afraid to invest in a profitable business, especially if you risk a small amount. To become richer, experienced moneymakers invest hundreds of thousands (and some even millions). Yes, there will be risks, they are inevitable, but for the sake of the result you need to go for everything.

At the end of this useful article, I would like to give a few recommendations to those who first decided to invest money via the Internet:

  1. In order for the profit from investments to be stable, you need constantly doing something. Search for lucrative offers, think through new schemes, increase capital and reinvest.
  2. Successful investment earnings require patience. If the choice is between profitability and risk, it is better to give preference to methods that are less profitable and risky.
  3. Even if you find some way that is guaranteed to make a profit, do not invest all your money in it. Capital needs to be distributed, it’s impossible to get rid of risks completely.
  4. All losses should be taken for granted, not always investments provide a profit. If you fail, draw conclusions, take note of this. In place of the black band will come white.
  5. It’s necessary to start investing money online as early as possible. Do not delay the start, right now use one of the methods. Then you yourself regret not having started earlier.
  6. Experience is needed in any case. Over time, you begin to understand which schemes are more profitable, understand the intricacies and multiply money even faster.
  7. In the investment niche, there are the most fraudsters. They promise huge bonuses, huge amounts of profit and lure honest people in other ways. Be attentive, read reviews, look for official data.
  8. Deposits can only be opened with free money that you do not need. Forget about loans and debts, it will play a cruel joke. Invest as much as you could lose without serious problems.

To decide to invest, even a small amount of money on the Internet is always hard. It seems that the circle of continuous deception and you will never succeed. Discard such thoughts, tune in to optimism. Having taken the first step, the second will go on its own.

You now know what to invest in small amounts, the choice is yours. The methods presented are the most popular on the Internet. They are used by thousands of people, everything is verified, the main thing is not to make mistakes and understand everything thoroughly. Do not be lazy to learn, even passive investments without knowledge will be too risky.

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