Tools for safe surfing sites

This kind of earnings as surfing sites is one of the most popular among beginners and, despite the minimum income, thousands of people use it thanks to various sites. What is surfing sites? This is a paid viewing sites advertisers.

In other words, you get paid for being a visitor to a particular site. You can do this kind of earnings on mail sponsors, for example, on Wmmail or Seosprint.

Unfortunately, constant visits to sites are accompanied by the threat of infecting your computer, since unscrupulous webmasters who try to spread viruses are regularly found among advertisers.

Tools for safe surfing sites

System Protection Tools

Secure website surfing can be used by you if you organize multi-level protection for your system using the following tools :

Antivirus is the most important tool for protecting your computer from viruses. Anti-virus systems are different, but for complete protection it is best to use popular programs, for example, or.

Do not forget to systematically update the anti-virus database and its version, this will increase the level of protection of your system.

Firewall is the functionality that is best suited for checking incoming traffic on your computer.

In the case of using surfing, the firewall is the ideal solution for protecting your computer from viruses. In conjunction with the antivirus, the firewall provides a fairly high level of protection.

Browser - a program that is used to view pages on the Internet is also accompanied by built-in protection.

For example, Google specialists systematically conduct security checks on Google Chrome browser users. Using popular browsers, you are a more secure user.

Tools for safe surfing sites

Firewall is built-in protection for your computer against various threats. Many users disable this functionality due to numerous pop-up windows, but with these actions they expose their system to danger.

If you also turned it off for this reason, then it is better to change your opinion, and to reduce pop-up windows, configure the necessary parameters.

Safe surfing on the Internet

There are many other reasons that negatively affect the safety of surfing on the Internet. Most people neglect them, so their systems are infected with viruses.

No one wants to infect a PC, so listen to these tips:

  1. Do not go to questionable sites - for example, where they offer to download some programs for hacking and other scam. The probability of their spread is high.
  2. Do not download anything from unverified resources - otherwise you will definitely fall for Trojans (what is a Trojan). They are distributed under the guise of harmless software, and then hackers use your PC for their own purposes.
  3. Use router protection - modern routers have additional firewalls installed and there are a lot of security settings, use all possible functions.
  4. Updating the browser - few people check the freshness of the browser version, and they are developed not only for convenience. Hackers can find "loopholes" in older versions, so they are not safe.

From the actions of the users themselves, the most troubles occur. If you are careful and stop believing everything that pops up on banners and in advertising, the problems will definitely disappear.

Progs for safe surfing the Internet

The best way to protect yourself when you visit the Internet is to use a proxy. If explained in a simple language, then when connected to the network, your connection will go through other servers.

In addition to security, it also helps to remain anonymous. To avoid having to download a bunch of extensions or pay, download the browser, it is simple and convenient:

Tools for safe surfing sites

It looks like Google Chrome, but it has some useful features. It does not save passwords, there is no history of visiting sites, and so on. The most important thing is that after launching the browser, proxies from several countries are used to connect.

You can check with which ones:

Tools for safe surfing sites

Otherwise, nothing will prevent you from using this method to increase the security of web surfing.

Through this browser, you can go to any sites and not worry about security. The main thing is not to be conducted on tempting offers and frank deception, from this you can defend yourself only with your word "No."

Finally, I would like to say that visiting sites in surfing, minimize your actions on the opened site. Do not follow the links, do not proceed to download, but rather wait until the time is up and close the tab with the viewed site.

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