Tools for optimizing images for high speed download site

Optimization of pictures for the site is one of the most important moments that every webmaster should remember at the stage of resource development. The main reason to engage in image optimization, reducing the load on the site, users do not have to wait long for the page to load, otherwise they may leave the site.

Image optimization tools can be found on the Internet. Developed quite a lot of functionality that allows you to change the format, compress images and make them smaller. In this article we will look at the most convenient and popular projects through which you can optimize images.

Tools for optimizing images for high speed download site

Programs and services for image optimization

  1. . One of the simplest programs, which is ideal for optimizing pictures in PNG format. Images in this format are quite weighty, so they definitely need to be optimized.
  2. Smash. it. The functionality of this tool allows you to remove extra bytes from graphic elements. For WordPress users, a special plugin has been developed. It can be used to compress images and change their formats.
  3. . An ideal program for optimizing PNG images. In addition, it can be used to convert BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNM images into PNG format. When compressing images, the quality remains good.
  4. . The latest useful program in our list is designed to optimize GIF images. The program interface is very simple, and processing takes very little time.

Tools for optimizing images for high speed download site

High download speed is another criterion for the quality of the resource. Optimize images and reduce download time, now you know about the tools needed for this.

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