Tokens Streamr DATAcoin - project overview, where to buy cryptocurrency, prospects

Whatever may be said about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology itself is a breakthrough. Now it is integrated in a multitude of spheres, everything that is possible is tokenized. Unfortunately, many projects remain unpromising and quickly close. Others, on the contrary, are actively gaining momentum, so investors are investing a lot of money in ICO.

A cryptocurrency overview is useful to anyone who considers this currency for investment. The project is interesting, it offers something new, but so far the rate of DATA tokens has not risen high, despite some dumps in early 2018. In any case, there is potential, so it’s worth learning more about coins.

Tokens Streamr DATAcoin - project overview, where to buy cryptocurrency, prospects

New cryptocurrency Streamr DATAcoin

The network is created for the exchange, publication and sale of information. The project was created via Ethereum, but it will work on its own blockchain. In fact, the developers are trying to create a new ecosystem where various data will be collected. Then some of them will be available for viewing, while others can be bought for tokens.

For internal settlements, the currency DATA will be used, this should positively affect its rate. All operations are carried out through smart contracts. The creators are confident that their project is revolutionary. They will be used not only by ordinary people, but also by entire corporations, because they need different statistics.

How does the Streamr DATAcoin network work?

Network users are divided into 3 types - these are publishers, consumers and brokers. The first will add data, the second will have access to it. The most important role is assigned to brokers, because they are responsible for the placement of information, manage storage and nodes. At the same time, each node is assigned a certain part of the traffic, so nothing depends on one of them.

Operators of nodes are charged remuneration in DATA coins. For safe operation, operators send data to other nodes for review. It is they who are responsible for the safety of data and their secure transmission. Plus, smart contracts apply.

A simple example of using the network Streamr DATAcoin: the user sends data on the operation of his computer to the blockchain. The processor temperature, the maximum RAM frequency are recorded, the video card is tested in games. Further, these data are paid for or received by consumers.

For example, it can be component manufacturers who want to improve their product. If the network develops, it will be possible to connect computers to it so that they are automatically optimized. For example, they loaded the appropriate drivers, increased the power to a certain temperature, and so on.

Publishers can add any information, even the steps taken from their smartphone, so that developers of new applications can learn more about the target audience. Or so that the researchers could collect the correct statistics.

Tokens Streamr DATAcoin - project overview, where to buy cryptocurrency, prospects

Components of the network Streamr DATAcoin

For the good functioning of the project, it was divided into several components. The platform is really large, but its benefits will be noticeable only after high scalability. What is available to users:

  1. Streamr Stack is a technological complex consisting of several levels. Simply put, this is a pipeline for transferring data to the network.
  2. Streamr Editor is a set of tools that allows even beginners to use smart contracts and is needed to launch new applications.
  3. Streamr Engine - data processing outside the blockchain. The function will work with unstructured data, group, divide, combine information for convenience.
  4. Data Market is a data flow center that is responsible for buying and selling information. It is through him that the developers of new applications will be able to buy important data.
  5. Streamr Network is a component of data transfer, it gathers all streams, nodes, events, messages and other information.

DATA tokens are related to the ERC20 standard, here they use the same smart contracts as on Ethereum. Through them are carried out transactions for the purchase of content, data placement and other processes. This guarantees security and the absence of third parties, all information is transferred from the "person" to "person".

The team and the roadmap of the project

White Paper has all the necessary information, only it is not translated into Russian. The document contains photos and data developers. There is a road map, but it has only 3 points and there are no exact dates. This is alarming in terms of investment, serious projects are always accompanied by a clear development plan:

  1. Running a prototype network for brokers and sellers. Work on the main components, development inside and outside the blockchain.
  2. Network scalability, application of smart contracts, data monetization. Decentralization of the main components.
  3. Forming a community, increasing privacy, developing new products, expanding network routing.

Despite all the efforts of the developers, the rate of coins is now almost on par with the indicator that was during the ICO. In December 2018, it rose to 45 cents, and at the moment DATA costs about 9 cents (cost 8 cents at the ICO stage).

Tokens Streamr DATAcoin - project overview, where to buy cryptocurrency, prospects

Where to buy Streamr DATAcoin?

While tokens are not very popular, so they cannot be found on the best cryptocurrency exchanges. However, they are also traded, the total daily turnover is about $ 150,000. If you decide to invest in coins and buy DATA, use these sites:

  • ;
  • Mercatox;
  • Bancor Network;
  • Idex;
  • Ethfinex;
  • Radar Relay;
  • ForkDelta.

We recommend the last exchange from this list, we know about it at least. We do not say that other exchanges are bad, but we see the names of some for the first time. Cases of the closure of such sites have become more frequent, it is better to choose proven and old stock exchanges.

Wallets for Streamr DATAcoin

As already mentioned, DATA tokens belong to the ERC20 standard. Accordingly, they can be stored on any Ethereum wallet with support for tokens. One of the best options is. In addition to supporting tokens in this wallet, there are many useful tools and links to use them.

You will use your primary Ethereum address for transfer. Then you can add coins to your account and transfer them to any exchange for exchange. True, so far it is pointless, because the course is low. There is a chance that tokens will rise in price, so it is better to leave them until better times.

Tokens Streamr DATAcoin - project overview, where to buy cryptocurrency, prospects

Perspectives Streamr DATAcoin

Now it’s pretty hard to make forecasts because the developers haven’t finished the work yet. If a lot of useful data is actually loaded, large companies will definitely show interest in this, and this will entail a sharp rise in the DATA rate (there will be high demand for tokens).

The idea is ambitious; when scaled, this network looks like a really new and useful development. However, recently startups have abandoned their projects without even trying to realize their plans. We hope that the Streamr network will not replenish the number of closed ones, then investors will definitely get a decent profit.

Developers want to launch a blockchain platform and system to interact with it. This is the basis for direct data transfer between users. There will no longer be intermediaries in the form of online stores, instant messengers or social networks. Everyone will be able to send data from one machine to another.

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