Time to make a decision. Module 7. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

So we got to the final 7th module. We are already at the finish line. This module will be under the slogan Go / No Go ( Continue or Stop ). We will need to make a lot of decisions.

In this small lesson, I want to encourage you to reflect on how you make decisions. After all, very often people make decisions on emotions, under the impression or follow the example of authorities.

No matter what digits you have on the site (TOP, traffic, earnings), you still have options. For example, you can sell a site that did not bring you money. Believe me, many webmasters will buy it from you. After all, your site is optimized, sharpened for certain requests, has backlinks. And this is a piece of work. And it costs money. Already many people who have completed marathons have a new job. They acquired the necessary initial skills to go on and develop. What decision do you take?

Some people sit and think: "Oooh! It took so much time. Already as many as seven modules. It's 49 days. It is a lot of time to search for a niche or search No. ”No. In seven modules, we considered the whole process step by step and only no more than half an hour a day. Knowing the whole process, you will complete all steps qualitatively and leisurely in no more than 7 days. Is it a lot? 16>

“No” is an equally important result as “Yes”

What do you do when, after the first attempt to do something, you have nothing chilos? you disappointed and you said to yourself, "I've had enough. I'm wasting my time ”? I think that the first failure did not strike you. OK. After ten failures will you give up? … Not? Maybe it's still worth it? After all, so much money, time, energy, and everything has been spent in the pipe. ... 100 failures in a row ... will you give up? Already a couple hundred dollars have flown to test, but there is no result. Maybe enough and it's time to look for another job? ... Hmm ... 1000 failures. Do you physically and psychologically endure this? This should kill your dreams and bury them forever. ... No?

How many experiments did Edison have to do before he switched on his first light bulb? How many unsuccessful shots did Michael Jordan have to make before he became one of the greatest basketball players in the world? ... And how are these people better than you? Education? Musculature? Maybe the value of the mysterious IQ? Not.

If you fail, it means that you yourself are doing something wrong and not the market is bad or a niche. If you still decide to go the distance, Ok. What to do with the site? You can sell it. There is a great exchange of sites Flippa. com . And you know, there are quite a few people who make money by selling websites. Following all the advice of the marathon, they create excellent optimized sites. This is also a niche.

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