Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

Gambling is perceived as one of the best entertainment on the Internet and it really is.

If you play real money online at least once, you will understand how much it delays and how much emotions brings excitement. The most important thing is to choose the game to your liking and choose a quality service.

Thimbles for money are also interesting, like online backgammon, checkers or lotteries for real money. Unlike other games, thimbles are much simpler.

You will observe three standard thimbles (caps, cups), and under one of them a ball is hidden. Your task will be to guess exactly where the ball is.

Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

Where to play thimbles for real money?

In the network you can find a huge number of different services offering to play thimbles. Everyone can not be trusted , game portals are often created by scammers.

In order not to worry about the honesty of the game, use. On this site there are a lot of gambling, including thimbles, and if you wish, you can check the integrity of the game.

To start playing thimbles for money with the Igrun system, you don’t have to immediately invest. Each newcomer is given a bonus - a few rubles, and you can pick it up by catching the button with the appropriate name at the very bottom of the page:

Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can play it. The thimbles on Igrun are original, and you yourself can choose the size of the bet:

Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

At the bottom you need to click on the number of dollars, rubles or hryvnias to start the game. A ball will be hidden under one of the thimbles, and when they are mixed up, you need to guess where it is:

If you manage to win, your rate increases by 2. 25% (provided that one ball):

Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

With two balls, it is easier to win, but in this case the coefficient drops to 1. 4.

Honest thimbles for money

For all users who doubt the integrity of the game, the Igrun service offers to perform checks. Under the game there is such a block:

Thimbles for real money can be played on Igrun

The MD5 system works with coded codes , which are determined by a special generator. Nothing can affect the outcome of the game and if there are doubts, you can use the links from this block and independently check whether the result was really random.

Many connoisseurs of excitement like to play for money with the fool, blackjack and poker. Find out where to play card games for money.

If you like money thimbles for money, then you will surely love gambling. In addition to Igrun, you can search for interesting games on. The project is not so popular, but it also offers simple cash games and honestly pays winnings.

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