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Remember, in February of this year, we all: readers, bloggers and webmasters from the Searchengines forum - raised money for Danip Shipitsyn's treatment?

The boy was treated and is now feeling very good. On this page of the forum thread, you can read the letter from mom Danila Navigator, the organizer of the fundraising.

God bless the boy with good health and long life.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like Danil. Therefore, if you have a desire to help children who suffer from certain diseases, and their parents cannot finance their treatment on their own for various reasons, you can do it through the Rosspas charity foundation.

The Foundation was organized with the assistance of the Russian Emergencies Ministry back in 1996 to help children affected by natural disasters.

p. with. Together we can do a lot, do not forget about it.

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