There should be several sources of traffic, the problem of entrepreneurs

Businessmen engaged in business on the Internet quite often focus their attention on certain moments of development, forgetting about alternatives. There are a great many examples of failures in the development of virtual business, and the main reason is the lack of training for the entrepreneur himself.

Anyway, every business on the Internet is associated with traffic. Work with affiliate programs, monetization of the site, referral networks, sales of information products - all this is connected in attracting people. There should be several sources of traffic, otherwise if a problem arises with one of the sources, the whole business can “get up”.

There should be several sources of traffic, the problem of entrepreneurs

The serious problem of virtual entrepreneurs

For example, some online businessmen are focusing on creating a subscription base. Collecting as many e-mail addresses as possible for the target audience, they use this as the main source of traffic, while excluding the use of other options.

This is a really serious mistake, but, despite its obviousness, many admit it.

What additional traffic sources can I use?

  • YouTube channel.
  • Communities and social media accounts.
  • Microblog on Twitter.
  • Qualitative reference weight.
  • Creation of doorways.
  • Using different sites (forums, blogger communities, etc.).
  • Direct advertising.

This list can be continued indefinitely, since traffic can be received from electronic books, through various markup services and even through the distribution of programs with installed scripts.

There should be several sources of traffic, the problem of entrepreneurs

As the saying goes, “You can’t keep all your eggs in one cell,” because in that case you can get lost all at once. You say this is impossible? There were a lot of cases when major services, hosting, projects for mailings, etc. were closed.

Even using search engines as the main source of traffic, it’s worth remembering that at any moment they can put a filter on your website , and what will you do in this case?

Just drop the case or will you work for several months without getting a return to get the project out of the filter? Prepare for unexpected situations and use several sources of traffic, because it will not only protect you, but also help you get more traffic.

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