there is no other place easier - Profit Hunter

To each partner, we issue a full site with a unique domain design, located on our server, all content is updated daily , and customer support is also maintained.

Is this possible? They give the site, they fill it themselves, and they even pay it ... Es ist Phantasie ( on it. ) ... With wide steps MediaPromoBox it fills the offers for such high demand in media content. I repeat that it has long been known to all attentive webmasters - people are moving to the Internet: shopping, blogs, communication, letters, shops, orders for goods, paperwork, ordering services, trips, etc., etc. Music, video, audio books, beautiful for personal PCs, laptops, phones and other Internet compatible devices are also on this list.

MediaPromoBox Affiliate Program specializes just in online media content:

  • Movies;
  • Music;
  • Sound Tracks;
  • Wallpapers (background for the desktop);
  • Dossier of actors from films + list of films with their participation;
  • Various media news.

This set gives MediaPromoBox to its partners at the start.

there is no other place easier - Profit Hunter

How does it work on the machine?

I will describe briefly how and how. Although, everything is so simple that it is embarrassing not to figure it out. So, since we are offered ready-made content, we need a website and a domain for it. This is a task for webmasters. After buying a domain (burzhunet zone: com , net , org , tv ) we link it to the affiliate program. In the websites section we register our website in the system:

there is no other place easier - Profit Hunter

We choose the design from the one offered by the affiliate program. One of them, green-grass, is presented above. If desired, impose your own.

Next, we need to upload the script to the site and make a number of settings for its operation. And that's all. Content will be poured on our media asset. The main task is traffic.

And if I want to host the site on my hosting?

Not a question. If you prefer to use your hosting, design, domain, MediaPromoBox gives you an installation file with a description of the installation - with the required hosting settings, the installation will take no more than 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact the affiliate program support. Asek numbers are on the main page MediaPromoBox .

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