The whole truth about contextual advertising from Ingate - Profit Hunter

The whole truth about contextual advertising from Ingate - Profit Hunter Contextual advertising is one of the most relevant areas of modern Internet marketing, and information on this topic on the Internet is the sea. However, to extract something really useful from it is not immediately and not always obtained.

If you start working in this direction, you probably want to understand how to properly set up and conduct advertising campaigns so as not to burn the entire budget in the fruitless pursuit of competitors. In short, how to make contextual advertising in your hands an effective tool. The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the new book, The Whole Truth About Contextual Advertising.

From it you will get a basic knowledge of the subject: you will learn what contextual advertising is and how it works, what are the features of using Yandex services. Direct and Google AdWords. In other words, the book is compact and without water provides all the information about the context for beginners. You can, of course, collect all this crumbs on forums and specialized blogs, but why?

In addition, from this book you will learn how to choose keywords correctly, how to set up an advertising campaign, how to analyze its effectiveness, how to achieve financial returns from contextual advertising, how to understand what competitors are carrying out sabotage against you and trying to "click" your budget and how to counter these sabotages. In short, "The whole truth ..." - a real course of the young fighter in the field of contextual advertising.

Yes, you won't get any secret knowledge about win-win strategies (do they exist at all?) From this book, but you will find everything you need to learn the basics and continue to work with contextual advertising without doing gross mistakes.

And you should not forget that, unlike the mass of online courses and guides written by self-appointed experts, “The whole truth about contextual advertising” is completely free. That is, instead of the devil knows what for awkward money you get a sensible textbook that requires you to make a single investment - time to read.

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