The usefulness of voluminous articles - Profit Hunter

The usefulness of voluminous articles - Profit Hunter

Volumetric articles are articles containing more than 1200 words and deeply penetrating to the essence of the topic / problem. As a rule, they consist of several parts, separated by subtitles, and may contain graphic and video content.

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  • Benefits of volume texts
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Sometimes you have to invest a lot of effort in the promotion of requests, which, it would seem, should go to the TOP without effort. It also happens that it is difficult to attract the attention of the audience to the site, although it constantly publishes very relevant and unique information. In both cases, one of the reasons is the lack of large content.

It turns an author into an expert, increases involvement and the desire to disseminate information, improves ranking and expands the audience of readers.

Large content is how much?

Different values ​​are attached to it, but many agree that if you simply reach the mark of 500 words in your texts (so so that the search engines take them into account), then the content can not be called voluminous.

It is optimal to give "portions" of 1200 to 1500 words, but the best effect is provided by posts containing from 2 thousand words.

Benefits of voluminous texts

Until recently, it was thought that in the heyday of the Internet and mobile technologies, it was important to reduce the length of the text as much as possible: 140 characters - and nothing more. And really: who wants to flip through the text, consisting of 8 thousand words, from the screen of a smartphone?

Many experts today believe that the inevitability of the "death" of long texts was greatly embellished. Many marketers believe that bulk content is very valuable for users (and for search engines).

  • Benefits of voluminous articles for SEO

Returning to 2012, we take as an example a study of the analytical company serpIQ, in which 20 thousand search queries were studied. The results showed that the average length of the content of each page from the TOP 10 of the issue was more than 2 thousand words. The average number of words for the pages in the first place was 2 416, on the 10th - 2 032.

The usefulness of voluminous articles - Profit Hunter

The average length of the texts on the pages in the TOP 10 issue

Obviously, if you want good ranking for articles, you should make them bulky.

  • What does this matter Google

The theory that a large amount of text on a page helps to optimize, confirmed by a hint, which was published in the official Google Webmasters blog. Pandu Nayak’s technical officer noted the following:

"Users often turn to Google to quickly find answers to questions, but research shows that about 10% of the daily amount of information people give to a detailed and comprehensive study of any one topic For this reason, today we are introducing new search results to help users find exhaustive articles. "

Nayak also advised webmasters to use the schema microdata to create content. org and provide company / author information with a logo to further improve rankings.

  • Volume articles collect on average more backlinks

Not only search engines like long texts, but also living people. They share more comprehensive articles more readily than average posts. And, of course, natural backlinks - this is another "plus" that helps to rise in the issue.

  • Reverse side

Of course, if you simply create text that will contain at least 2,078 words, it does not guarantee that the page will hit the first place of issue . Search algorithms consist of a huge number of factors.

However, ceteris paribus, the issue rises above the site, whose content is larger in volume. Unless, of course, the article is relevant to the request.

  • Large articles can increase the conversion rate

If you have a blog that aims to recruit subscription base or sell something, then you find that bulk materials can play a big role in increasing the number of conversions.

  • A pair of studies

The following research results demonstrate the effectiveness of long articles in generating new customers (potential and current).

So, Highrise Marketing wanted to increase the number of subscriptions to their site. It entrusted this task to a pair of professionals who arranged split-testing. They found that 37.5 percent more subscribers had come from the main page containing the voluminous text.

The usefulness of voluminous articles - Profit Hunter

The authors of the Crazy Egg blog found similar results: their conversion increased by 30 percent when the volume of the article on the main page became 20 times larger.They noted:

"The media assure us that people no longer want to concentrate on studying any topic for a long time. In reality, there are no" too long "pages: there are only those that are too boring. On the main page Crazy Egg visitors wanted answers to a lot of questions, and we gave them that opportunity. "

Nothing is new under the sun.

Not only in the era of digital technology, it was noticed that volumetric texts work well. One well-known marketer, David Ogilvy, once said:

"All my experience suggests that long printed material sells better than short. Bulk ads give the impression that you want to say something important, and not it matters whether the text was actually read. "

5 Tips for Creating Big Posts

  1. Not all content on the site should be voluminous.

Even if voluminous texts help you deserve authority and give an advantage in ranking, you shouldn’t make absolutely all articles long.

For example, if you want to share a viral video on a blog, you do not need to create a text of 2 thousand words to describe this video.

  1. Avoid the middle of

Use either short posts that are quickly caught by your readers, or long exhaustive articles, but never create an "average "content

Kevin Delaney, the editor-in-chief of the Quartz business news site, says that texts of 500-800 words are mostly the least successful.

  1. Remember: quality is more important than quantity

You cannot sacrifice quality in the name of volume. Readers will not appreciate texts filled with "water."

  1. Make the text easy and quick to read

Subtitles throughout the post will help you understand what is important and what can be skipped. Each reader has its own “filter of needs”. In addition, the monotonous text can and should be diluted with pictures, infographics, memes - depending on the subject of the site.

  1. The lists are being "driven" by content

If it is difficult for you to create a voluminous post right away, try writing article lists like "23 reasons why you love the Caribbean islands or 10 ways to save fuel. Such texts attract more attention, they are more readable. In addition, they are easier to write, so reaching 2000 words is quite simple.

And the last tip: remember that volumetric content, like any other, needs PR, proper optimization for requests and a good title. Otherwise, all efforts may be in vain.

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