The system of repeating numbers in roulette

All those who want to make money on gambling, by applying cunning tactics, choose roulette.

Here much depends on the decision made, and many strategies have been invented. We have already shared them in the article about roulette strategy. But, none of them guarantee a gain of 94. 74%.

The system of repeating numbers for playing roulette will allow you to win often in small amounts.

It is very similar to the tactics of Biarritz, which we described in the article “how to win at roulette”. Only here it is necessary not just to repeat the bet, but to change it, given the latest figures.

The system of repeating numbers in roulette

How does this system work?

It’s easy to understand. When you sit down at the virtual table, in the statistics you can see which numbers fell out in the last two draws.

Your task is to put on all the other numbers. Determine the minimum bet for yourself, the bigger it is, the greater will be the gain. By filling almost the entire table, you ensure a high winning percentage. After each game, you must take into account the extreme numbers and not put on them.

It is much easier to understand the strategies for playing roulette with specific examples. We will use the casino, where today return is 93% . Go to the roulette and see what numbers fell in the last two draws:

The system of repeating numbers in roulette

This means that we need to put money on the remaining 34 numbers. As already mentioned, choose your own bet size, it should be the same. For example, we put on the ruble:

The system of repeating numbers in roulette

Almost the entire field is filled in, only two windows remain open. The total bet is 34 rubles, the prize should be 36 rubles. Income is not big, but the probability of winning is high .

Regardless of the result, after the rally you need to close all the windows again, except for the last two digits from the history:

The system of repeating numbers in roulette

As you can see, we received a win and the figure was 28 Now you need to close the field completely, except for the numbers 28 and 34, since they are the last in the statistics.

Even a newbie will be able to play according to this strategy, and if you want more tangible profits, bet not on the ruble, but on 10 or more, proceed from the starting capital.

Where is it better to apply strategies?

There are many verified casinos, a list of the best gaming sites will be presented below. The most important thing is not to become impudent and from time to time to apply other methods of the game, or change the casino.

For the second option, you will need a list of gaming sites:

  1. ;
  2. ;
  3. ;
  4. ;
  5. ;
  6. ;

These projects are enough to change the gaming site from time to time and not to cause the administration suspicion. You just have to fill up the balance everywhere, but for someone who wants to make money on the roulette, this is not a problem.

Gambling fans win a lot of money at roulette, but many count only on luck. This is not correct, clever methods of betting help to increase the chances of winning, and it is not difficult to apply them.

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