The structure of the background, tips on writing

Often, our readers will learn about new article formats, thereby expanding their horizons. Some of this comes in handy in their professional activities (journalists, bloggers, copywriters).

Writing texts seems to be a simple matter, but few can call themselves real experts in this matter.

Background, what is it and how to write it? One of the little-known formats of news materials.

Mostly confused with regular press releases. The background player is indeed compiled as an advertising text for media promotion, but it has some differences from regular releases.

The structure of the background, tips on writing

The background of the company and the advertising agency

The first difference is that this background is usually part of marketing whale. The second is the presentation of company news.

Unlike releases, no great news is selected. Texts are compiled with one goal - to remind the target audience about the activities of the company and increase interest.

As practice shows, many news portals prefer to post "calm" texts, rather than invented sensations. Sometimes the background is used as an explanation for a press release (for example, it contains answers to various questions).

By making the background one once, it always comes in handy. If explained in simple language, then such material becomes a blank. The text is rewritten many times and added anywhere, starting with brochures and ending with landing pages.

The structure of the background, tips on writing

Recommendations for writing a backgroundrunner

If this is the first time you take on the creation of such material, it is better to search the Internet for a background sample. There are plenty of examples, you can even rewrite someone else's material for your company and use it.

When creating, you need to take into account a number of rules:

  • a single topic is revealed in the text;
  • texts are devoted to the company, services, products, events and for people directly connected with the company;
  • a third-party business style article is being compiled;
  • it’s enough to write news to write 2-3 sentences, 2-4 paragraphs;
  • as in other types of articles, it is advisable to add headings and subtitles;
  • the real facts are put in the text;
  • do not exceed the maximum 4-5 printed pages;
  • necessarily is Use graphs, charts and tables if they improve the material;
  • text is written for the masses, so it’s better to avoid professional terms;
  • do not include personal opinions and quotations in the background;
  • before the disclosure of the topic, allowed entry (small).

Each type of text has its own rules of composition. The background player is no exception, not even all professionals know how to create it correctly. It makes no sense to supplement the advice with the fact that there should be no errors in the text, it should be meaningful and so on.

The structure of the background, tips on writing

How to write a background grader?

From scratch, it is not so easy to take and write this text format. It is advisable to find ready-made examples of the background scrambler on the net. Zara, Apple and many other companies are compiling them.

Naturally, materials for such large firms are created by real professionals. They use the following structure:

  1. The year the company was founded.
  2. Main stages of development.
  3. Use of stories and legends.
  4. Current status of the company.
  5. Information about services and products.
  6. Sponsors, awards, achievements.
  7. Future plans and prospects.
  8. Why the company succeeded.

A simple plan of action for writing complex material. The background is a text, each author will be able to write it, if he takes into account all the rules and will build on the structure presented.

The structure of the background, tips on writing

Viral marketing is a powerful advertiser tool that every marketer should also know about.

Promotion of a brand and promotion of a company on the Internet has a lot of subtleties. The background player is one of them, and if you are an entrepreneur or provide services to entrepreneurs, you need to learn how to write such documents.

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