The story of Facebook. How has Facebook gained popularity?

The name of Mark Zuckerberg is increasingly featured in various articles published on the Internet.

This is the youngest billionaire who founded the well-known social network Facebook. Users of this project are all over the world, but not everyone knows how this site was developed.

The story of appearance begins from the distant 2003. The project itself was created in 2004, but in 2003 Mark hacked into the base of his institute and created a project on which to evaluate personal photos.

After that, he was often posted on the net, and this inspired him to work on The Facebook project.

The story of Facebook. How has Facebook gained popularity?

How did Facebook gain such popularity?

January 2004 was the time when Zuckerberg began developing code for a future project . From the very first steps he had problems, since after the launch of the site, a lawsuit was filed against him. He was made up of other students of the university, who accused Mark of copying their ideas for creating social services. network for the university.

Despite this, during the month of the site’s operation, half of the students at Harvard had already registered on it. Registrations were limited, but over time, the network was expanded to other educational institutions from the United States and Canada.

Watching the success of the social network development, Mark was joined by a whole team of specialists working on the design, software component and financial part of the project.

All the same in 2004, a separate company Facebook was created, in which investors were attracted. One of the first was the founder of the popular payment system PayPal.

But the terms of cooperation remained profitable for Zuckerberg, as he had 3 of 5 seats on the board of directors. Simply put, serious decisions depended on his opinion.

Some consider Facebook to be the birthday of 2004, but there is a debate on this topic. Since the domain is Facebook. com (without The prefix) was registered in 2005, and registration for everyone was opened only in 2006.

The story of Facebook. How has Facebook gained popularity?

Over the next three years, the company successfully developed, and the site became more and more popular. Part of the important role played by the purchase of shares of $ 240 million by Microsoft.

In 2009, representatives of the company announced the receipt of the first decent profit from their resource. Surprisingly, a lot of time has passed until the moment when the site began to bring a good income.

In the same year, a change was made that was not previously used on any similar project. Now you can specify any name of your page that was displayed in the address bar.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg managed to conclude an agreement with the developers of Skype, according to the terms of which the software should be integrated with the social network. In addition, a separate postal service was introduced and groups appeared.

Due to the addition of a group of users, convenient features have appeared for conducting joint chat, editing files, and so on.

The agreement with Skype was implemented in 2011 , when Mark told the press about the launch of video chat. In the same year, a film was released about the creator of Facebook, which received many awards.

News feeds in 2011 were actively spreading news that Facebook may soon close due to a powerful hacker attack, but this did not happen.

The most important year in the development of Facebook is 2012. Then the Instagram service was acquired, which is now very popular. The social network has the opportunity to confirm your profile for well-known personalities, as well as mobile device users have the opportunity to click the Share button.

Huge investments in the project were brought by trading in shares, but as a result, the value of shares fell.

In 2013 and 2014, there was some decline in the development of the social network, and Mark himself presented financial statements, which pointed to major changes in terms of income.

At the beginning of 2013, it was determined that in the previous quarter the project brought in only $ 64 million, while in 2011, this amount was $ 302 million. But today, this project continues to evolve and the number of registrations does not cease to grow.

How to register on Facebook?

Creating a profile on this network is not difficult and is performed in just one step:

The story of Facebook. How has Facebook gained popularity?

Please note that registration is free and according to the statements of the site owners, the conditions will not change. Fill out this form, and you will have your own profile in the global social network.

Through your account, you can not only find friends and chat with them, many use Earnings on Facebook. Take advantage of this opportunity as well, because it’s easy to earn on your Facebook profile and you don’t need any investment.

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