The site is infected with a virus - what to do and how to check?

Not all site owners are professional programmers. Many use the engines and order the development of resources.

Sooner or later, you have to face problems, they are different. The infestation of sites with a virus is not such a rare picture; it is worthwhile to fear this and periodically scan the site.

What does it mean - the site is infected with a virus? It turns out that even professionals are lost when asked such a question.

Everyone knows that a computer is infected with malware, but how does this happen on websites? Here, everything is a little different, although if the server is infected (where the site is located), there is practically no difference.

The site is infected with a virus - what to do and how to check?

What does a web virus look like?

If the site is infected with a virus, it means that a special script is installed in its code that performs additional operations . Most often, infected sites immediately give out themselves as soon as you enter them.

For visitors, this can manifest itself in different consequences:

  • paid content is subscribed;
  • malicious programs are loaded;
  • advertising on the site;
  • traffic redirection to other resources.

As a rule, hackers do everything so that the victims won't notice anything. Webmasters need to frequently go to their own website and perform internal transitions. Also need to respond to messages from users.

For a site owner, infecting his project may lead to other consequences.

Basically this:

  • denial of access to the administrative panel;
  • antivirus website blocking;
  • blocked account from the hosting side;
  • blocking in advertising services (for example, in Google Adsense);
  • sharp drop in attendance;
  • additional windows, left broadcasts;
  • deterioration of behavioral factors.

Competitors dream of infecting the site with a virus of their opponents, but this is not so easy. In addition, it is a matter of jurisdiction, so not every programmer will undertake to help with burglary.

Beware of any suspicious changes, if you don’t do anything, then why is everything changing? There must be an explanation.

The site is infected with a virus - what to do and how to check?

What should I do if a website is infected with a virus?

The consequences of a website being infected with viruses may be different, but positions in search engines will definitely decrease . It is necessary to determine the site infection as soon as possible in order to find and remove malicious code.

Before you begin your search, remember if you installed any suspicious codes yourself. For example, the script from, which performs paid subscriptions, also applies to viruses, as it deceives honest visitors.

If you notice any changes on the site and for the purpose of prevention, run the check through the service. On the main page, you will need to specify the address of the site and after a couple of minutes, the verification status will appear:

The site is infected with a virus - what to do and how to check?

As you can see, our blog is clean. If problems were detected, the service would indicate problems. It is not hard to remove the malicious code from the site, and in order for the virus not to do much harm, order notifications in this service.

If the site is infected with a virus, you don’t know what to do, contact the professionals. At

there are many professionals from any niche, they provide paid services.

Sites with malicious code snippets and scripts quickly lose ground and their reputation decreases. You need to keep track of your sites and remember that only honest methods of monetization bring great profits, because otherwise visitors will never return to the site.

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