The set of followers without cheating on Twitter

There are hardly any active Twitter users who would not like to collect a large number of subscribers.

Hundreds of comments appear under each post, retweets number in the thousands and everyone knows how good the microblog you run. To achieve all this is not easy, even if you have money.

How to attract followers on Twitter? Most sites talk about cheating, but there’s little use for them.

Yes, the number of followers is growing, but they do not show any activity, so you can turn on cheat only to create an illusion of account popularity. Try it through or.

The set of followers without cheating on Twitter

There are several tricks that help draw attention to your microblog. There are more and more people who want to move forward on this social network, so you have to take into account every little thing:

  1. First you need to fill out your profile correctly. It is better to set a real photo, where you can see your face on the avatar. It is also recommended to fill out information about yourself, indicating your interests.
  2. Company owners often put company logos on their avatars. Sometimes it works well for a brand, but such microblogs are often perceived as spam accounts. It would be better if there is a company representative on the avatar.
  3. The main rule for recruiting followers on Twitter is to post interesting posts. The better the tweets are, the faster you will notice the increase in followers. Come up with something that makes people think up.
  4. Do not narrow the subject of posts, it is better to diversify them. For example, by publishing your thoughts, you can take quotes of famous people, some interesting news, fresh videos and much more.
  5. Do not be afraid to lose face, boldly publish all your thoughts and some moments from your personal life. Practice has shown that people like it, and they willingly subscribe to such microblogs.
  6. It will be difficult to invent something all the time, so look for something interesting on the Internet and share links. The most important thing is that links lead to high-quality sites with really useful content.
  7. Remember that entertainment in social networks also increases interest, so any information should be diluted with thematic jokes.
  8. If you decide to become popular, be kind enough to set aside time for publication daily. No one wants to be subscribed to the silent people, but you should not add any trash to the page.
  9. Before submitting a post for publication, make sure that you select the correct time. It is best to choose the evening time of the target audience, according to statistics, increased activity is observed.
  10. In continuation of the two previous tips, it is worth adding that a large number of tweets can become a problem. Clogging up the subscribers' tape, you will not achieve anything good, know the measure.
  11. Messages will be seen by many users if you set hashtags for them. Look for the most popular ones and remember that a large number of tags also does not look aesthetically pleasing. A pair of hashtags to a tweet is quite enough .
  12. Mutual subscriptions work on Twitter, but many professionals argue about this. On this topic, we wrote a separate article, "Follow up, how effective it is." The way is working, but you need to apply it correctly.
  13. Advertise your microblogging at every opportunity. Add a link "Subscribe to me on Twitter" on your own sites, pages of social. networks or even in email signatures.
  14. Attract the attention of famous twitter strangers and stars. If they subscribe to your microblog, it will increase popularity. Use their hashtag names, send them messages and so on.

    A well-promoted microblogging is capable of making good money, more about this in the article about Earnings on Twitter.

  15. When doing mass-folding, do not use the first available profiles. Look for like-minded people with similar interests. Also use their follower lists.
  16. If you manage to get subscribers to retweet, the coverage of your posts will increase dramatically. This is not easy, but you can add something like "Please retweet" at the end of the recording.
  17. When watching a popular tweet in a feed, be sure to quote it. Despite the fact that it will retweet, you will definitely get comments and increased activity.
  18. Not every Twitter user signs in return, so you have to keep track of such users and delete. If you do not do this, you will quickly gain a limit of subscriptions and have to wait until you have a lot of followers.
  19. Completely eliminate the automation of microblogging. First, because of failures, incomprehensible tweets may appear, which will result in unsubscribing. Secondly, for this they can block the profile.
The set of followers without cheating on Twitter

Becoming popular on Twitter will not be easy, it takes a lot of time.Nevertheless, it is better than any cheating and effort is spent not in vain, because in the future such a platform can be monetized just like a regular website.

In conclusion, I would also like to advise to get at least 2-3 main profiles, no one is insured against locks, so it is better to be safe.

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