The rule of seven publications, a way to get customer attention

In the arsenal of an experienced marketing specialist, there must be a huge number of different techniques and useful knowledge. Due to the mass of knowledge, and possibly long experience, it is possible to effectively carry out work to promote the business, and this is a direct path to financial well-being.

It’s difficult to learn all the intricacies of marketing activity , nevertheless, actively engaged in self-education and studying various materials, becoming a professional is quite possible. In this article we will tell you about the rule of seven publications. It was compiled by foreign experts, based on many years of experience.

The rule of seven publications, a way to get customer attention

An interesting way to get the client's attention

The essence of this rule is extremely simple - to turn a person into your client, you must submit your proposal to him at least 7 times. When using this method, you use brand memorability and in the future, a person who has watched your publication more than 7 times will be more likely to remember it.

This rule does not work in all cases; for it to be effective, several important points need to be learned. For example, it makes no sense to run advertising publications in the general masses, in order for the rule of seven publication to start working, you will need to highlight the target audience and also determine the means for transmitting information.

For example, it can be certain groups in social networks or sites. An example of a wrong application of the rule is cigarette advertising in a medical journal.

The rule of seven publications, a way to get customer attention

If you use mailing lists as a means of transmitting information, you must be extremely careful here. Constant and annoying ads in letters can be the reason for unsubscribing, and this should not be allowed.

In order to present the advertising information to the user, it is necessary to make it so that it is contained in the text or by the semantic meaning was not in the first place.

With the correct application of the rule of seven publications, it is possible to positively influence the development of your business and increase not only popularity, but also the client base. When developing a marketing strategy, be sure to rely on such tricks.

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