The role of eternal links from social networks in promoting projects - Profit Hunter

The role of eternal links from social networks in promoting projects - Profit Hunter

Website citation in social networks is one of the hundreds of factors that influence the growth of site positions. Moreover, the factor is too significant to ignore and not to use for the benefit of the project. Recently, a social promotion service connected Webartex service. Now webmasters can buy posts in live and active social network accounts without bots for as low as 6 rubles per post.

Should I buy links from social networks

There are conflicting opinions. Skeptical optimizers believe that the influence of links on the position of the site and on its "weight" is so scanty that they should not be relied upon in promotion. Others claim that social links work very well.

But we will not rely on abstract assumptions and move on to concrete things. Here is an example of a study that this summer was conducted by Wizard employees. Sape.

More than 10 thousand projects participated in it. They were divided into 2 groups: "Social" (used to promote the social network) and normal (not considering the social factor in link building). Inquiries were taken into consideration, which were promoted from September 1, 2014 to the present (the study was published at the end of June 2015). According to the results of the analysis, active fans of socialization of projects grew in positions to 113% compared with those who ignored social promotion:

The role of eternal links from social networks in promoting projects - Profit Hunter

At the same time, the growth of impressions was extremely active in those sites which moved less than 3 months. They have this figure sometimes reached 200%.

The role of eternal links from social networks in promoting projects - Profit Hunter

Thus, the impact of social links is quite an effective way to improve positions and increase traffic, given the current search trends (especially in the early stages of website promotion).

What should be the link profile

  • First of all, you should not rely only on social networks or external sites. In the trend of natural link building and their uniform distribution across different channels (social links, forums, blogs, portals, etc.).
  • The natural link profile includes links from large and small sites, blogs with a good trust (not HS).
  • It should be stable and increasing evenly.
  • Flickering of links is minimal: ideally, they should have an infinite lifetime.
  • Traffic should come over them (this also applies to links from social networks), since the decision on the usefulness and influence of a link to a position is made by search engines, in particular, based on behavioral factors (PF).

The advantages of using the social factor in promoting

  • “Cling” posts facilitate instant sharing of content and active discussion of the content. This not only gives good traffic, but also signals the PS that the post is authoritative and should be increased in issuance. Viral and other types of online marketing work great in social networks, so it’s worthwhile to move away from “bare” technical SEO, based only on increasing the number of links.
  • Traffic from social networks with the right approach turns out cheap and loyal, if you do not do aggressive advertising, but try to provide super-useful content. As a rule, such traffic contributes to the improvement of the pension fund and, as a result, stabilization and growth of positions.
  • It has been repeatedly observed that social links contribute to the rapid indexing of new pages.

Buying posts in Webartex: features

The main difference of this social service from similar ones is the participation of only “live” sites: personal accounts and groups to which people are subscribed (not bots ).

Social pages are strictly moderated: first - automatic, then manual. At the same time, not only the presence of bots is checked, but also the activity of the account or community audience. Abandoned, “dead” blogs, sites that are less than 6 months old are not accepted.

It should be noted that the Webartex rules do not allow to remove the delivered links, therefore, they are placed forever. All this gives the webmaster confidence in their effectiveness.

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