The right side of the site is the best place for Sidebar.

The prevailing number of novice webmasters believe that the location of different elements on their website is not the most important factor.

When opening a quality website, you need to think about each subtlety, including the correct location of the various blocks.

With the header of the site, everything is clear, the main content should occupy the main part, the menu should be immediately under the header (side), and that's where far to install Sidebar . What is sidebar? This is the area on the sides of the main site area in which the content is displayed.

Some install it on the right, some on the left, and some on both sides.

The right side of the site is the best place for Sidebar.

Better place for Sidebar

The right part of the site is the best place for Sidebar and there are several explanations for using this particular area. On our site you can also see that the additional blocks are located to the right of the main content, but we chose this area for a reason.

  1. People are used to reading from left to right, so after visiting a page, they automatically turn their attention to the upper left corner of the material. Nothing should interfere with them, to start reading the text.
  2. Search engines index sites from top to bottom and from left to right, which is another reason to put a sidebar on the right, so that the main content is checked immediately.
  3. Quite often, the Sidebar area is filled with a lot of widgets, which has a serious load. The page is also loaded as it is indexed, so during a long load, the user will be presented with the content first.
  4. The last reason to put the sidebar on the right is convenience. Many different checks showed that the right part is ideal for posting various information.

The right side of the site is the best place for Sidebar.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide where and what to install on your resource, but remember that first of all you need to take into account all related factors.

Even problems with loading the page can cause a decrease in attendance and an increase in the number of failures. Be careful and install the various blocks on your site correctly.

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