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Remember, about a week ago I launched a blog “Mega-Poll” on factors that affect the position of the site in Google’s issuance? the survey is over, and it’s time to tally the results.

As expected (and mentioned in the comments), the individual results (by points) turned out to be interesting, to say the least. For example, “Use of the keyword in the title tag” got less points , than “Thematic relevance of incoming links”, although in general the priorities are set correctly (my imho).

So, this is what you should pay special attention to the site optimization process (five points for each factor):

Using keywords :

  • Using key words in the tag. title. - 64.
  • The use of a keyword in the body of the page is 64.
  • The relevance of the keyword and text is 55.
  • The use of a keyword in the tag. H1. - 55.
  • The use of a keyword in the domain is 41.

The parameters of the internal pages :

  • Content quality is 54.
  • The number of links from other internal pages of the site is 51.
  • Page age is 47.
  • The quality / relevance of outgoing links is 46.
  • The amount of text content is 35.

Website / domain settings :

  • The total link weight of the site is 70.
  • Thematic relevance of incoming links is 66.
  • The link popularity among sites with similar subjects is 59.
  • The relevance of the main theme of the site to the search query is 57.
  • The authority in the eyes of Google is 57.

Incoming link parameters :

  • The reference weight of the site from which the link is 74.
  • Anchor of the link is 71.
  • PageRank of the page with which the link is 66.
  • Relevance ь pages from which the link is - 62.
  • The relevance of the site from which the link is 57.

Negative factors :

  • Duplicate Content - 70.
  • Server Unavailability for Search Bots - 69.
  • Outgoing links to low-quality and spam sites - 58.
  • Duplicate tags. title. and meta tags on multiple pages - 50.
  • Artificial increase in the density of keywords on a page - 48.

These are the results, draw your own conclusions. My IMHO is such that all the factors mentioned in the survey have a definite influence on the position of the site, so it is advisable to take them all into account.

Yes, one more thing: a total of 118 people had passed over. All participants have a special thank you!

As for the flaws, there were two main ones: the poll did not fit in the screen (alas, in this regard I am an oak oak, so I could not make changes on the fly) and the poll was not protected from amateurs to vote anyhow (I hope there were no such participants). If in the future you are going to conduct similar surveys, go through it yourself, think for how much time (at a minimum) can be spent on answering questions, and set a timer that will cut off data from participants who have spent very little time on the survey.

Finally, thanks again to all the survey participants and the people who helped to organize it — the HigH reader and IKB developers.

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