The purpose of the commercial offer is a large and stable income.

When developing a new information product or opening an electronic business, every entrepreneur should set clear goals for himself.

What do you want to get from your own activities? It would seem that the answer is obvious - large and stable incomes, but far from everything that experienced entrepreneurs make, brings money, in some cases the prospect is more important.

In financial forums, start-up entrepreneurs often ask questions like the following: “I created an e-book, what should I do now?”. No one except themselves can give the right answer. It is necessary to determine how you use your product, and there are quite a few options for this.

The purpose of the commercial offer is a large and stable income.

What to do with an electronic product?

The purpose of a commercial proposal must be defined before it starts.

What can it be?

  • the information product can be distributed to collect subscribers who will later be offered a paid product;
  • the information product can be a great bonus for a completed transaction. For example, you offer to buy a product (using an affiliate program), and in addition provide your product;
  • the information product offer may be associated with the provision of services. For example, you distribute an e-book about website promotion for free, which describes in detail the use of a service. It is not necessary that it be yours, thus referrals can be attracted;
  • using an electronic product, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the sales page, marketing reception or site;
  • engage in direct sales, solely for profit extraction .

As you can see, the info-product can be used in different ways, the final goal remains the same - benefit and profit allocation , but the approaches are completely different.

When considering the issue of the purpose of a commercial offer, I would also like to consider a common problem - the determination of the price of goods. This is also often asked on forums, but nobody can provide a definite figure.

First, you need to decide on the purpose of use, and second, to conduct an analysis that will show the benefits of each sale, the interest of the target audience and much more.

If you think that low cost will help increase sales, then abandon this prejudice. In practice, there were quite a few cases when the creators of the information product increased the price and got even more sales.

Of course, such a technique does not always work, but a conclusion from this can already be done - the underestimated cost does not guarantee numerous sales.

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