The psychology of the rich and the poor, about psychology in business

Business largely depends on psychology and successful entrepreneurs know firsthand about it. It is important not only to learn how to communicate with people correctly, to be able to motivate them and to strive to use various psychological "tricks", but also to tweak your psychological state.

The psychology of the rich and the poor differs significantly, and in some cases it is obvious. For example, wealthy people adhere to the rule of "invest time and money in business development," while the poor try to make money in the development process, and are set up solely on the allocation of profits, and not prospects.

At a psychological level, every potential entrepreneur must understand that his success depends on his attitude to life.

Many books have been compiled about the psychology of people in business, and the true connoisseurs of this literature say that most of the information is very similar.

Quote: "It’s not hard to distinguish a poor person from a rich person, their worldview and attitude to life is significantly different."

The psychology of the rich and the poor, about psychology in business

Signs of the psychology of poor people

The main points of the psychology of poor people include the following points:

  • poor people, when they receive some capital, start to “throw away” money, and in the end, without any benefit, they realize that there is practically no money left;
  • there is also such a group of people who eagerly save all their earnings funds, not wanting to direct them to create additional assets;
  • money is perceived as something “higher”, and poor people believe that their life has been ene solely on finances.

If you notice these signs in your behavior, then you need to change, otherwise you will not have a chance to succeed.

The psychology of the rich and the poor, about psychology in business

The psychology of rich people is somewhat different from that of the poor .

First of all, , wealthy people do not betray such an important value to money that it allows not to put them in "first place".

Secondly , they are more risky and can direct their finances to various affairs, which makes them rich.

Thirdly , they understand perfectly well that they don’t need to keep money, because while they are in your “pocket” they need to be multiplied.

Fourthly , there is a mass of information that money should be treated with love, and not cursed by their lack.

Think for yourself who is to blame for not having enough money? The only answer is you. Cultivate a psychologically well-coordinated businessman and start implementing a business, it is available to absolutely everyone, the main thing is to learn how to use your chances.

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