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Not so long ago, or rather, in May of this year, a new project was born on the Internet. His name is "In the guard" . When you first visit the project page, you will not notice anything special and new. But ... having learned about the goal and studied the published material more closely, everything falls into place. The degree of interest in the project grows in plus What is the main goal of the “In The Guard” project? According to the author:

The goal of the “In post-post” project is to collect selected, best, relevant news from the world of SEO, SMO, earnings on the Internet, Internet marketing, blogs

in one place. An idea like not new. There are already similar social services, on pages of which hundreds of webmasters publish their guards, for example, Grabr, Korica or Sloger. You will not find the “Register” or “Add Article” button. And this is understandable. If everyone starts to publish indiscriminately, the notion of “favorites” will not impart any weight to the project’s goals. How does the publication go? The author personally selects the best and relevant materials from various sources and publishes them. The author himself said about this:

This is the main difference of the project, that information will not be placed on everything, such as on social networks, but on people who have a subject that can separate the wheat from the chaff / qoute.

By visiting the project page, you will see the names of non-honest bloggers and moneymakers who have reached certain results and having experience.

For webmasters, this is a good opportunity to get on the “favorites” list, so to speak. In addition to participating in the project, the participant also receives a high-quality relevant link and, accordingly, traffic. There is much to strive for and improve.

The idea of ​​the project itself, as you already understood, is high-quality and practical material. And here is a link to the project itself "In the guard" .

* the post is not devoid of advertising content

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