The originality of the page, discard template sentences

Marketing and advertising, which every entrepreneur is forced to engage in, is a difficult niche of activity. Not every newcomer to open a project on the Internet, first begins to study, most often beginners prefer to use the works of those who have already achieved something.

A vivid example of this is copied advertising texts that the selling pages continue to fill. What is missing on many landing pages? Originality and exclusivity. In some cases, texts are generally copied completely, and only the product or company name changes in them.

The originality of the page, discard template sentences

Refuse the template sentences

The originality of the selling page is very important, because people interested in your offer could already look for information about such products and services, and if they observe identical information, they are unlikely to have a positive impression about you.

Try avoiding "hackneyed" expressions like:

  • when making up the selling page; we will solve your problem;
  • start now, otherwise then it will be late;
  • we will act on mutually beneficial terms.
  • big assortment - low prices;
  • special offer;
  • thousands of satisfied customers;
  • save now.

Of course, many will argue that these are phrases that have already proven their effectiveness and should not be excluded from the selling pages, but they are already so fed up with everyone that when watching texts filled with patterned expressions, many customers They may consider you one of those "clever men" who are only trying to make money and not take care of them.

The originality of the page, discard template sentences

If you don’t use already checked phrases, how do you fill in the texts? Turn on your head and start generating new expressions. You can leave one, but it is better to replace the words. After all, a person is not so important what words are written, the most important thing is to convey to him the very essence.

As for words that attract attention like “Free,” they can still be used, as they really help to capture attention and get a potential client to get acquainted with the information.

It takes quite a lot of time even to create professionals to create literate advertising texts. To learn how to fill the selling pages, one has to study a huge amount of information and constantly practice knowledge, comparing the results of work.

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