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In this article, we continue to explore the topic of writing good content. I will consider a topic that has been quite actively discussed by bloggers over the years - the optimal length of a post. Here are some of Darren Rose's tips to consider:

Attention Span - A typical reader is known to have a short attention span when it comes to reading online. On average, blog visitors are delayed by no more than 100 seconds, which is quite a bit. Knowing this, many webmasters deliberately cut content to a level that can be read in a similar time.

SEO - among SEO experts there is an opinion that too long or short pages are not rated as high as pages of reasonable length. Of course, no one knows how many words are perfect, but most tips say that you should make more than 250 words and less than 1000 pages.

Number of posts - one theory is writing short, but numerous posts are better for RSS and search engines. Although no one is sure about their strategy, some believe that sites like Engadget and Gizmodo owe their rating to short posts that make up most of their content. An example of the successful use of the breakdown of one large article into many small ones is the series on promotion in Vkontakte on the SEO and Money blog. Due to this, blog traffic once increased by a factor of 2. 5.

Theme - the type of post you want to write often determines its length. For example, when writing a product review, you will write more than when you write news, where you post links. In such cases, do not artificially reduce the length to the detriment of quality.

Comprehensive coverage of the topic is what ultimately should be your main criterion. One day, someone smart said it: “You have to write enough to comprehensively touch a topic and then stop.”

As a result, you will find your own way. For example, on ProBlogger there is a tendency to mix posts of different lengths. The author writes at least one more or less long post per day, which gives readers the opportunity to "poraskinut brains", and also adds short sensational news throughout the day.

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