The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

The booming cryptocurrency market attracts a lot of attention and more money flows into it.

If you calculate the total capitalization of all tokens, you get a huge amount, comparable to the budget of some countries. At the same time, quotes of digital coins continue to grow, and they are increasingly being considered as an asset for investment.

The most promising cryptocurrencies - where to invest in 2018? Opinions about this mass. Experts make predictions, someone relies on real facts, monitors the activities of companies.

This article will collect collections based on personal experience, as well as taking into account the TOPs, which are compiled by professionals.

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

Is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrency at all?

On the Internet, the opinion that it is too late to buy cryptographic money is constantly slipping. Moreover, skeptics have expressed such an opinion for half a year, since the moment when Bitcoin has risen strongly in price.

All this is nonsense, based on real facts, it is easy to prove the opposite. For example, the currency exchange rate went up in the beginning of 2018 and brought a substantial profit to the holders of these coins:

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

For example, the invested $ 1000 in XRP on December 11 would allow to buy 4000 tokens. With their sale on January 7, 2018, it was possible to gain $ 13,600 . Obviously, investments are profitable, but few bought these coins.

And all because it is rather difficult to calculate the prospects for cryptocurrency. At least, conclusions can be drawn from this - such investments are relevant.

How to choose the most promising cryptocurrency?

Tactics and strategies developed under Forex are often used to select the best asset. Unfortunately, they do not work, because the national currencies are tied to the situation in the country, the shares of large companies to its activities and so on.

Cryptographic money is not tied to anything, it is only a block with a code in the database.

New cryptocurrencies gradually change this, are created on the basis of a ready-made business or through the sale of tokens, raise funds for its implementation. But while conducting a serious analysis is too hard.

To determine the prospects of cryptocurrency, professionals take into account these factors:

  • stable rate growth;
  • high capitalization;
  • reputation of developers;
  • high liquidity;
  • token development goal.

The data for each crypt in open access are published on different sites. You can try to predict the growth of a token on your own, but this is not so easy. Particular attention should be paid to the news.

Only one major event can make a course go up, and how high it depends on increasing demand.

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

Prospective cryptocurrencies for investment

Many collections are now published, their authors have different opinions. I myself began to trade in digital coins a long time ago and I had my own opinion about the prospects for one or another cryptocurrency. In my opinion, the most interesting tokens for investment:

  1. is the market leader in cryptocurrency, in which serious people invest. The main number of transactions is carried out in BTC. Based on these tokens, new ICO startups appear. By choosing this asset, it is advisable to pick a drawdown moment by 10% -20%, then even in the short term, you can earn.
  2. - comes on the heels of Bitcoin. It takes the second place in terms of capitalization, and the platform is used by developers of new cryptocurrencies. Only in 2017, the rate of Ethereum (Ether) has increased 40 times. Coins for smart contracts are used, but because of the increased cost, it is more often considered as an asset for investment.
  3. - the main token of tokens is an increased anonymity. It can be minted, the complexity is not as high as that of Bitka or Ether. In the blockchain, the confirmation of transactions takes place according to the scheme of ring signatures, which ensures confidentiality. Until a more secure currency appears on the market, Monero will continue to grow.
  4. - some users consider this project as an analogue of Google. In this network, transaction confirmation occurs by performing other transactions. You can make transfers without any commission at all, with any amounts. The technology is promising, cryptocurrency can be used anywhere, so its future is promising.
  5. - in this cryptocurrency are actively invested, because its technologies are already used by financial organizations. In general, ICO was launched specifically for the banking sector. According to some experts, Ripple is able to compete with SWIFT. In early 2018, the course soared sharply, which allowed XRP to gain a foothold in the leaders and to interest many investors.
  6. - in many respects tokens are similar to Bitcoins. But investors pay attention to them, because this is the most popular cryptocurrency in Japan (and in Japan, the crypt has already been accepted at the state level).NEM (XEM) technology has already begun to use Japanese banks, so the rate has risen from $ 0.0001 to $ 1.
  7. - the cryptocurrency appeared as a result of attempts to modify Bitcoin. Yes, this is Bitcoin fork, which became a separate asset in August 2017. From the start, these coins were overtaken by capitalization, at that time known Litecoin and Ripple. Now her course has dropped, because the exchanges allowed to enter and withdraw BCH (BCC). For mining, this option is not attractive, but for trading is ideal.
  8. - Bitcoin is called digital gold, and lightcoin is called silver. This currency is a simplified form of Bitcoin, where transactions are much faster. For a long time, coins were trading in the corridor of $ 3-4, but now its rate is almost $ 200 and, according to experts, it will continue to rise.
  9. - in professional circles, currency is called the Chinese Ethereum. Once tokens could be bought for 10 cents, but now they cost $ 150 (and this is against the background of a recession). The developers have concluded contracts with many blockchain platforms, they are working together to create an operating system and other software. Development is booming, and it will definitely affect the currency rate.
  10. - Tokens were originally called Xcoin, then it was called Darkcoin. In this network, users also get anonymity during transfers, coins can be mined through mining, and it also has a mechanism for instant transactions. From $ 10, the Digital Cash exchange rate increased to $ 800 in 2018.

It was difficult to decide which currencies to include in this list. Many coins are now interesting, especially since people are interested in cheap cryptocurrencies in which to invest profitably.

Choosing ICO startups will have to take risks, and buying tokens presented above will have minimal risks, because it is their most serious future.

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

Newly promising cryptocurrency

Anyone who wants to buy an inexpensive cryptocurrency, in order to wait for a serious change in the course in the positive direction, is recommended not to such popular tokens. Risks will be higher, but the ability to raise a "bunch of dough" by spending a small amount increases.

In the rating of new cryptocurrencies, not only fresh IC startups are presented, but also those coins that received a second wind and have recently begun to actively develop:

  1. - this currency is used by customers of the exchange and her good prospects. So far, the developers have not added fiat money, but real professionals trade here. Tokens allow you to get a 50% discount on the commission on operations, their value has already risen to $ 20.
  2. - another token developed at the base of the cryptocurrency exchangeExmo. In February 2018, the first sales of coins are planned, and they are already in great demand. The developers are planning to add margin trading and PAMM accounts. In the future, the withdrawal of the exchange to a leading position in the world, which will definitely allow investors to earn.
  3. - after hardforkaEfirium in 2016, these tokens appeared. In many ratings, the currency fell for a high capitalization, which provides increased demand for it. In the future, emissions will be limited, and remuneration for blocks will decline, which should cause an increase in the rate.
  4. - decentralized platform for smart contracts with uniqueness in the form of the lowest cost for creating ICO startups. Many tokens have already been launched on its platform ($ 10 is enough to launch its own cryptocurrency). This fact speaks of the positive dynamics in the future.
  5. - a token created via the Ethereum platform. Its developers want to combine the efforts of private miners and data center owners. The network appeared in November 2016, the successful ICO company raised 8. 2 million dollars. Technologies are used in different niches, including for scientific research, development continues.
  6. - great prospects for cryptocurrency in 2018, predicted by many experts. Through a decentralized network, files of participants are encrypted and distributed. No one can access them. The Sia cloud is much cheaper than the analogs, this is what the project is trying to get into the leaders.
  7. - combines several directions for use at once. Decentralized blockchain, browser, instant messenger, social network. Developers have been working since 2016, but only in 2017 they released mobile apps. Initially, the rate was about half a cent, now rose to 30 cents.
  8. - appeared in 2015, developed on its own platform. Now the currency is actively gaining popularity, because it is easy to mine and transactions in the network pass as quickly as possible. The prospects for cryptocurrency are strengthened by the possibility of its use in the business sphere.
  9. - the platform is built on the basis of the blockchain and Bitcoin code. It has its own token XCP, it uses BTC addresses and is sent via transactions on the Bitcoin network. There was a coin in 2014.In the late spring of 2017, the course began to grow sharply. The maximum mark of $ 90, according to experts, in 2018 it will be much higher.
  10. -As and Monero, this network was created to increase the anonymity of transactions. The project invested various funds and large investors. Experienced traders agree that this is a good asset for medium-term investment. The probability of growth rate in 2018 is high.

For a novice investor, a selection of 20 promising cryptocurrencies will surely be enough. All of them are interesting in their own way, and most importantly, they have a future.

It is difficult to predict how much these tokens will grow in price, so diversification must not be forgotten. It is better to buy a crypt for $ 10 of each type, than to invest all $ 100 in one coin.

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

The most promising cryptocurrencies according to other ratings

As already mentioned, the Internet is full of authors who publish their own collections. Some tokens in them are generally unknown to me, but much information is published about them, and capitalization inspires confidence.

The risks of investing in these currencies are high, so before investing, collect more information for each coin:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

No one knows for sure what will happen to the same Bitcoins in the near future. However, choosing promising cheap cryptocurrencies, you can buy a "happy ticket" with minimal investment.

Suddenly one of the currencies that are little known today will cost a million rubles in a couple of years.

How to invest in promising cryptocurrencies in 2018?

It is not difficult to contribute to digital coins, it is enough to register on cryptocurrency exchanges that support the most tokens. One of those is.

More than 6000 currency pairs are available for trading. After registering in the system, you will receive bills for multiple currencies:

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

The purchase procedure itself is extremely simple. First, replenish the balance with rubles or dollars, then buy Bitcoin on them (because little-known currencies are available in pairs only with BTC), and then open orders for the purchase of tokens.

This is done through the following forms:

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

After the transaction, it only remains to wait for the rate to rise. Orders are also created for the sale of tokens, not only for the purchase, but for the sale. In order not to wait for someone to buy out your assets, choose the orders created on the exchange:

The most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018

Everything is very simple, even without understanding the blockchain and cryptocurrency, you can buy as many as you want of coins. And if you do not trust the exchanges, withdraw tokens to your wallets.

It is difficult to say which cryptocurrency is the most promising, because, unlike national currencies, they are not tied to anything. The main factor is popularity, that is, if there is a demand for a token, then it will grow in value.

This page contains coins that are known all over the world, therefore, the forecasts for them are positive.

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