The most popular strategies for bookmakers

Successful bets on sporting events can bring huge profits, but in this area there are also big risks of losing all your start-up capital.

Betting professionals (and this many thousands army of sports fans) do not hope for good luck, they keep accurate calculations and use different strategies.

What are the strategies for sports betting? Invented a huge variety of methods of earnings in the BC. They are publicly available on the Internet, and everyone can use them.

Some are distinguished by their profitability, some are suitable for conservatives, and some significantly reduce the risks, so you need to understand all the techniques.

The most popular strategies for bookmakers

In the list below we collected the most frequently used strategies by professional betters:

1. Strategies for betting on the total.
It is not so easy to predict what the total number of goals scored for the whole game is, therefore the odds are high.

To build a forecast, you will have to analyze both teams ( both opponents ) and take into account a lot of subtleties. We have already told about the total, we recommend reading the article, as it tells how to win on total.

2. Strategies for live betting.
We mentioned this type of strategy in the article with the best bookmakers. The advantage of the betting mode after the start of the game lies in many factors. A great option for frequent winnings is overlapping bets.

Just bet on the outsider, wait until he comes out ahead and bet on the faorita (as soon as the odds increase). If everything goes according to plan, then you win in any case.

3. Rate strategies for coupons such as System.
For popular BCs, it is always proposed to bid on the System type, where you become the winner even if not all the predictions came true.

For such an option, bets on a draw are ideal. It is only necessary to identify games in which such a result is possible and open several coupons at once.

4. Strategy bets for express.
Most betting lovers consider express trains to be insufficiently profitable due to the low winning percentage.

However, for this type of stakes, an interesting system was invented called “The Engine”. The essence is very simple - you need to open the express at once for many games with a low coefficient. Due to this, you raise the overall rate, and the probability of winning will be great.

5. Football betting strategies.
The most common sport on which money is put is football. He has plenty of fans, not only among the fans, but also among the cappers.

The methods of the game for this type of sport are most of all, but to apply them, you will need to be well-versed in football, so start with learning the teams, their advantages, disadvantages, and so on.

6. Strategy bets on MO.
The abbreviation of MO is interpreted as a mathematical expectation and can be calculated for anything, including the result of a sporting event.

An excellent technique has been built on the basis of subtle calculations called Value Betting. Applying it is not easy, as you need to find several different values, add them to the formula and carry out calculations.

The most popular strategies for bookmakers

7. Strategies for different sports.
For virtually every sport, separate betting tactics have been invented. Some are common and suitable for various sporting events, for example, the Gifen strategy.

To use it, you need not only to build forecasts, but also to bet correctly. As soon as you make an assumption about the result of the game, calculate 1% of your capital and make a bet.

Every time you lose, add 1% each and increase the bet amount. And when you win, re-calculate 1% of the capital and start over.

In order for strategies to work and you have high chances of winning, you also need to choose a bookmaker wisely - one of the best companies in this area is


Do not believe only in luck, betting requires a professional approach and takes a lot of time to predict. Strategies help to partially eliminate risks , but they do not guarantee 100% victory. That is why they need to be combined with their knowledge, that is, to know exactly who to supply and how much.

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