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As they say, there are not many links, and there are even more PR links. The other day, Tom C published a great article on SEOmoz on how to search, find, and send intelligent thematic links to their websites. The method is crystal white and originally sharpened for bourgeois sites. It’s not difficult to re-qualify him for Runet, but the effect is clearly not the same.

Updated: The Un-optimized Optimizer published this article before me. It looks like I'm starting to lose the thread of our blogosphere ... Forgive, please forgive.

In general, the essence of this method is as follows: you need to find pages that previously offered some kind of service or hung some kind of service, but now there are no services, no service there .

The author of the article came across this trick purely by chance, when surfing Google for no longer available . In 4th place, he found this page from the BBC website. PageRank of this page is 6, and there is no content at all on the topic.

So what can be done with such pages? The author offers two options:

  1. Contact the site owner and ask him to put a link to your working service, site, thematic page, etc. from a page where this service is no longer available. Webmaster is a useful link for users of the site, you are a slack backlink. Win-win.
  2. Contact the owners of sites that link to a broken service, and ask them to redirect the link to your site. In English, it will look something like this: "Hi, I’m not sure if I’ve been bored. This is a lively and active web 2. 0 in English: "Good afternoon! I noticed that you refer to the service of such and such. I do not know whether you know or not, but this site no longer provides this service. You might want to redirect the link from this service to mine, because everything works for me, web 2. 0 design and other blah blah blah ... "

Find these sites are not problems make up. Here are the basic requests:

  • "service no longer available”
  • "service no longer available” [keyword]
  • "service no longer available” inurl :. ac . uk (or inurl:. edu, or any other domain zone you are interested in)
  • "no longer available [keyword]"
  • "site no longer available”
  • " site no longer available ”[keyword]
  • " site has been taken down "
  • " site has been taken down "[keyword]

For goods like requests:

  • "no longer offer [keyword]”
  • "no longer sell [keyword]”
  • "stopped selling [keyword]"
  • "stopped offering [keyword]”

Of course, you have to work with pens, but what to do.

And at the end of a bit of PR for fellow bloggers 🙂

  • Random decided to shoot at key phrases, and he did it well. Read more here.
  • Copernicus launched a new resource, Our Abroad. The site is dedicated to the life of former runechiki abroad
  • A Inspired (Bitch) Tormozzz opened a new contest affiliate program. Hurry up to register.

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