The job of cashing remittances - deception

It often happens that people, without thinking about working on the Internet, begin to study it.

By chance they stumble upon some articles or advertisements, discovering something new. The desire to improve their financial situation makes them take an attractive offer.

Remittances - work on the Internet, which is often told on the Internet. Who would not want to make calculations, transfer money and get an honest salary for it.

And if you can still fulfill your duties without leaving your home, it's just a fairy tale. But you need to be realistic, understanding that we are surrounded by fraudsters .

The job of cashing remittances - deception

The job of cashing out remittances is a hoax

Unfortunately, dreams crumble as soon as you send money to fraudsters. The fraudsters use different schemes of deception, but in any case they are asked to send an arbitrary amount, ostensibly for obtaining guarantees, creating an account and for other purposes.

You will be promised a stable salary, will present official documents, will tell everything and will explain to involve.

In order for you to understand what was going on, we specifically contacted the scammers and started asking them about how to work with money transfers on the Internet. They promise to pay 400-500 dollars, but for the start you need to send $ 18:

The job of cashing remittances - deception

In this example, the fee is due to a paid receipt of the certificate in the Webmoney system. We already have it, so we wrote that we are ready to start working, but the employer has disappeared somewhere. And how many people he has already managed to cheat, ready to spend a small amount to work on the network.

Money transfer is the job that scammers offer on the network. Do not be fooled by such offers and do not agree to transfer money to someone. If an employee is required in the company, then he will be taken after the interview and other inspections; no money will be required.

Work in money transfers

You can find a remote place of work for yourself through freelancing exchanges. They are constantly creating new applications and proposals, one of them just for you. Consider all the available options, working with money transfers is extremely rare.

But there are many other activities where you can show your talents. Go to and consider the vacancies:

The job of cashing remittances - deception

The amount of remuneration is not always indicated, most employers prefer to discuss it in the process of concluding an agreement.

Please note that not only vacancies are posted on the stock exchange, but also individual projects. Provide services that you can, the same rewriting (rewriting articles in your own words) is even suitable for beginners.

Sometimes on the stock exchanges offered to work on the Internet as a moderator in money transfer systems. Consider such vacancies and remember that normal employers do not ask for any money.

Working with remittances from abroad seems ideal, and they offer a large salary for it. Come down from heaven, in the network more cheaters than honest employers. It is better to immediately abandon dubious proposals, not allowing you to tighten yourself and influence psychologically.

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