The introduction of malicious code on the site, hacking site

There are fraudsters in almost all spheres, therefore honest people systematically face various problems. Webmasters are one of the categories of users that to a certain extent interest intruders. No, they are not trying to harm the user himself, they are trying to use his resource for their own purposes.

The introduction of malicious code on the site, the most common type of fraud. Previously, it was much more difficult to perform such actions, but today CMS has appeared, which have protection, but have so-called "Holes".

The introduction of malicious code on the site, hacking site

Where does the malicious code come from on my website?

Many webmasters are wondering where their malicious code and new files on hosting could appear on their website. Malefactors use various ways of penetration into system, therefore it is necessary to be ready to any surprises.

First of all, you should consider using a secure password. Use as many characters as possible in the password, and also dilute it with letters. By default, after installing the CMS, the administrator name is set as Admin , it is also better to change it.

In most cases, selection programs are used to select a password and login from the administrative panel, so it makes sense to use blocking plugins. Their functionality helps to block access to the admin panel, after several unsuccessful attempts to pass authorization.

The introduction of malicious code on the site, hacking site

It is not uncommon that non-quality templates become the cause of hacking. You must have met on the Internet sites with the same design, to explain this phenomenon is not difficult, just two webmasters used a free template. By distributing special templates with "Holes", attackers gain access to a huge amount of resources.

In addition to these hacking options, scammers use a huge number of other methods. You can provide a high level of security yourself, for this there are a number of plug-ins. One of the most useful is the Belavir plugin.

When new files appear on your site, this plugin will notify you about it. If you use it, even if the malicious code is added to your website, you can quickly find and delete it.

If you have had such cases, and you have found extra files in the directories of sites, do not be lazy to look at external links. Copy them and put them on various forums, if we don’t deal with it, then no one else will.

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