The Internet eats up a lot of money. How to reduce traffic volumes?

Fast wired Internet today is not a big luxury and in almost all cities you can find providers that provide high-speed connection for 300-500 rubles per month.

However, among Internet users there are still people who pay for traffic, for example, when using mobile devices.

In addition, when a provider has problems, you have to connect to the network via modems, where there can also be traffic charges. How to reduce traffic volumes? It makes no sense to overpay money for the fact that you are watching banners, there is an unnecessary Flash or automatically download any videos.

The Internet eats up a lot of money. How to reduce traffic volumes?

The Internet eats up a lot of money, what to do?

The best way to save precious megabytes of traffic - is to turn off all unnecessary users Internet . It can be Skype, ICQ, all kinds of auto-updates of drivers, players, torrents, and so on.

To find out what exactly “sucks” traffic and how much speed it takes, even special programs have been developed. One of these programs you can download at.

You can manually disable almost all updates, but do not forget about antivirus. Of course, if you temporarily use traffic payment, you can also disable anti-virus system updates, but with constant use, it is better to periodically update the databases, at least once a week.

The Internet eats up a lot of money. How to reduce traffic volumes?

Where does mobile traffic go?

Mobile devices can also consume extra traffic if automatic updates are installed. Most often, such a problem faced by users of devices running Android. First of all, you need to disable synchronization and cancel all automatic updates.

For Android, programs have also been created, thanks to which you can track traffic consumers. For example, with the help you can easily keep track of which programs use an internet connection and how intensely.

If you cannot find anything, just install APNdroid to completely disconnect the Internet connection.

It is imperative to save traffic when paying for each megabyte, and in every modern browser you can turn off pictures, ads and Flash, which also allows you to extend the time of your visit to the world wide web.

This method is suitable for both PC users and mobile device owners.

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