The importance of site backups, backup site

Site owners whose main income comes from their sites must think about the possible risks. Hope that the created scheme is profitable, it will not function stably, you need to take care of its security and the safety of its sources of income in advance.

The importance of site backups has already been confirmed in many cases. In practice, a huge number of cases have been recorded where the owners of large sites or even e-business lost their sources of profit only due to the fact that the hosting provider had interruptions in work.

The importance of site backups, backup site

Backups of sites should be done stably

An interesting case occurred in 2010, when one of the data centers, on which servers was located hosting "Makhost" simply closed. Then, the owners of 30,000 sites found inaccessibility of their sites, and those who did not have time to make backups, completely lost their sites. It was possible to resolve the situation, but this case became a lesson for many inexperienced webmasters.

In most cases, hosting providers automatically make backup copies of sites, which protects users from data loss. It does not take into account one feature, if the hosting does not become (for example, a fire occurs), then all the data will simply disappear. How to deal with this problem? Store data on multiple media. Some site owners even burn backup copies of sites to disk.

The importance of site backups, backup site

Automatic backups on WordPress

A special plugin has been developed for WordPress, after installing which, the owner can set the frequency of creating copies of the site.

The db-backup plugin is called. When using it, you will be able to set certain intervals at which the system will backup the site and send it to your mail (for example, every week).

The importance of site backups, backup site

Manual backup of the site

It will take a long time to back up sites yourself. Just go to the database control panel (phpmyAdmin), export the necessary database to your computer.

After that, you need to connect to the site via FTP and download the directory. In general, this will require a minimum of actions from you, and while the site is being copied from the hosting, you can go about your business.

Make it a rule every month or better to create backup copies of the site every week and thus you protect yourself from unpleasant situations. Apart from the fact that problems may be related to hosting, the reasons for the site’s improper operation may be actions of intruders or your lack of attention (incorrect changes in the code, installation of not high-quality plug-ins and much more).

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