The ideal customer in freelancing, respect for performers

Freelancers work is not only the fulfillment of an order and the development of a project, but also communication with a client, order processing, search for employers and much more.

Experienced freelancers systematically encounter various clients, some of them brazenly demanding work, others are rude, considering a remote employee by the lower stratum of the population, and there are also such cases when employers refuse to pay at all due to minor shortcomings.

When starting to work remotely, you should be ready to communicate with different types of clients and adapt to each type of communication.

Of course, it can be unpleasant for you to cooperate with an arrogant "type", but by refusing to work, you can not only spoil your reputation, but also get a negative review that will affect the development of your activity.

You will encounter a bunch of negativity, and maybe you will not find a customer at all if you use non-quality exchanges. Freelance with

, this is ideal.

Freelancers who have worked remotely for many years have made their own picture of an ideal client.

The ideal customer in freelancing, respect for performers

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The ideal freelance customer, in their opinion, should match The following criteria:

  1. Literacy of communication and a clear expression of their thoughts regarding the result of the work. There are cases when residents of other countries turn to freelancers, and in such cases, there may be problems associated with mutual understanding. I would also like to include in this paragraph the factor of normal communication, without expressing one’s “steepness” and using slang words.
  2. Respect for performers, in the opinion of experienced freelancers, is also an equally important criterion for an ideal client. Rudeness, rudeness and arrogance do not want to endure anyone, and remote workers also do not intend to cooperate with such "bosses".
  3. The ability to fully describe what is required from a freelancer is also one of the criteria. It can be very difficult to understand a person who makes an order and does not provide details, due to the low level of knowledge. In the opinion of freelancers, the customer is the ideal, who is at least a little versed in the processes of the work being done.

The ideal customer in freelancing, respect for performers

  1. Each person has a difficult situation or just a creative crisis. The employer, of course, does not care about remote workers, but if he is understanding and does not exert pressure, it will be a positive quality of the client.
  2. Another criterion for a good customer for a freelancer is knowledge. If the client knows a little about the topic, it is easier to understand and explain everything. Also here you can add his attitude to your comments. A normal person always listens to the opinion of a professional.
  3. The income of a freelancer depends on how generous a client is, therefore the amount of payment must be taken into account. It is good if the customer not only encourages the person with whom he constantly works, but also does it in a timely manner.
  4. No one wants to listen to remarks and criticism (except reasonable). Therefore, an ideal client is one that is always pleased with the results. Even if there are shortcomings, he tactfully marks them, but he will still praise the employee.
  5. It is pleasant to work with those who trust and inspire confidence. There is a group of clients who are ready to transfer money a month before order fulfillment and it’s really better to work with such people, it’s a pity that they are few.
  6. The ideal customer treats freelancers as professionals. He does not argue, completely trusts the actions of the remote worker and does not meddle in the development process. For example, he needs banners, but he completely shifts their development on the shoulders of a freelancer, not trying to implement their illiterate ideas.
  1. The ideal client is practically a friend who can not only discuss the work with you, but is also ready to communicate "according to interests". In practice, freelancers have recorded quite a few cases where the employer and the contractor, after co-operation, begin to closely interact and subsequently systematically assist in solving various issues.

Being engaged in freelancing, you will meet quite a few ideal customers. I would also like to note that in most cases, clients become almost perfect if they become confident in the quality of your work.

The ideal customer in freelancing, respect for performers

In other words, if you want to be treated properly, do your job efficiently and try to work individually on each project.

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