The history of the social network My World

The My World project has long been on the list of leading social networks in Runet.

This is an additional service to a well-known company whose main niche is email. Since 2014, Mail has been a shareholder in the full package of Vkontakte, therefore, they already have 2 popular social networks.

The functionality of this project is quite wide, because besides the standard communication and adding friends, you can place different content formats, create groups and even launch video channels. As of 2014, over 27 million users use this resource monthly.

The history of the social network My World

Social Network My World

The history of the social network My World begins in 2007, and initially, on the pages of users there were only a few widgets with information about using other Mail services.

A lot has changed over the long years of development, and we will present these innovations in chronological order:


  • an effective advertising campaign was carried out for the site;
  • users were able to specify the place of training;
  • the WAP version of the site was added;
  • number registrations exceeded 5 million.


  • 1. 5 million daily attendance;
  • added chat, music downloads and gift exchange;
  • added the ability to create applications;
  • set a record for 2008 in the number of registrations (25 million ).


  • added microblock function in the blog;
  • the ability to create applications not only in Flash;
  • added support for the OpenSocial application programming interface.


  • - many improvements to the design and interface;
  • - the ability to like;
  • - the ability to leave comments;
  • - video chat added .


  • confirmation of registration through a mobile phone;
  • adding a separate registration form;
  • annual revenue exceeded $ 515 million;


  • global website redesign;
  • adding new functions;
  • the arrangement of blocks and individual elements changed;
  • attendance increased to 19, 6 million people per month.


  • official applications for Android and IOS appeared;
  • after a few months, advertising appeared in mobile applications;
  • added multi-posts.


  • the opportunity to start a blog appeared;
  • page themes were added;
  • mobile applications began to appear in different languages;
  • almost 900,000 daily visits.

Over the last year, My World system has also managed to get the title of the most positive social network of Runet. According to official data, over 800 thousand requests for friends are sent to it every day, there are 12 million video views and over 2 million personal messages are being written.

How to register in My World?

Registration on this site is not required if you already have a Mail inbox. If not, you can go to the pages of social. network, you will need to fill in this form:

The history of the social network My World

Every day more and more users register in this social network and according to official statistics, My World ranks third in Russia by popularity of . Open your profile and look for friends or make new friends.

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