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The hidden dangers of social networks for online business - Profit Hunter Content

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Everyone says that you need to use social networks for promotion, but they are silent that you need to be careful with them. The idea of ​​business promotion with their help is not new. You could even say that she is very old, but despite this, there are almost no people who would raise a red flag of danger. In fact, social media has already prepared traps for your business, your company and your reputation.

Risk Sources

The hidden dangers of social networks for online business - Profit Hunter Business owners and hiring professionals . You or your staff may endanger the business. So, by chance or intentionally, you (or employees) can spread confidential information. Stupid "bloopers" and typos or ridiculous behavior in social networks - all this brings the company notoriety.

Former employees . There is nothing worse than a dismissed and offended employee. Social platforms are a great way to retaliate.

Customers and Buyers . People attach great importance to what they say existing or former customers about the services or products of the company. Dissatisfied consumers create negative reviews, publicly argue, complain or scandal, which is very bad for a new business that has just begun its development.

Competitors . Often they like to play black. They are able to create fake profiles, post fake complaints or leave negative reviews. In some cases, they even try to impersonate your employees and put in a bad light, distort information about the company.

Reputation Killers . Let's open a little dirty secret. There are people who are not interested in the collapse of companies directly, but they drench their reputation all the time. Why? Because they pay for it. It's simple: employees do the dirty work for competitors who are trying to drown you. The problem is that they are professionals in their field, and they are very difficult to catch.

Intrusions, hackers . They use social media to attack. They collect information from sources accessible to the general public in profiles, on personal pages, in groups, etc. They may try to hack you, write "harmful" letters from your accounts, steal personal correspondence.

The hidden dangers of social networks for online business - Profit Hunter

Massmedia . Some things sometimes smell bad, and nothing attracts the media as well as it does. If people actively express their opinions in social networks about you are not in the best way, then be prepared for the fact that some well-known blogger or reporter will smash badly smelling news with a light breeze.

Trolls . It happens (and more often than you imagine) that strangers who have nothing to do with you come and begin to create trouble. They can confound, use insults and swear words, make attempts to involve the broad masses of people and inflate an elephant from a fly. Soon it will knock you out of the usual rut, you will be tempted to say or do stupid things that will significantly worsen the situation.

Damage types

There are a lot of ways to spoil your business. Instead of trying to list everything, we will try to summarize them a bit. So, the types of damage that can cause social networks ...

The hidden dangers of social networks for online business - Profit Hunter

Rumors . Although they do not necessarily carry a hazard, their presence can go out of control and cause trouble. Moreover, rumors tend to spread and be discussed as facts. They do no harm by themselves, but they can hinder your work and require resources to keep everything under control. Rumors also have the habit of appearing several times and occurring at the worst times for business.

Errors . From silly typos and illiterate spelling of words to things that you can never (!) Write - you or your employees can publish randomly or intentionally. Of course, you can remove or fix it. Unfortunately, too many people can see the mistakes, as well as take a screenshot and post it wherever possible. These stupid little eyes can come back, even if you delete them. Worse, they are sometimes embellished in Photoshop.

Misunderstanding . It happens that people use ambiguous words and phrases, keep back something, do not carefully disclose the essence of the question, typos change the meaning of the text, and so on.

Recklessness . Sometimes users of social networks post content that they think is acceptable. However, they do not take into account the sensitivity and vulnerability of people. Senseless comments, stupid pictures or (presumably) witty notes may seem to readers not at all ridiculous and not as insignificant as the authors thought.

Invalid judgments . A situation, problem or issue may seem far from reality.This can provoke a negative reaction from people with a multitude of consequences.

Information leakage . Most corporations and companies have at least a small amount of “dirty laundry”. His show to the general public gives an extremely unpleasant experience.

Abuse . Disrespect for people and failure to fulfill obligations fully turns into serious trouble. Potential customers, seeing such treatment, refuse from the goods and services of the company. And, even worse, they tell others about it in a negative way, which seriously harms the reputation.

Discontent . The truth can hurt, and if you give it universal publicity, it will cause even more damage to the business. Dissatisfied customers post their complaints on social networks. Moreover, in online business there is a trend that thrives on fake reviews.

Impostors . One of the strongest threats is people who impersonate you and behave inappropriately, post content that is detrimental to the company.

Errors in references . If you mistakenly send a tweet or post instead of a direct message to the wrong person, this can cause trouble, especially if the information is confidential.

To summarize

Do not be afraid to do business in social networks, but you need to be careful. All of the above is a collection of warnings and worst-case scenarios. Most people and businesses use social platforms without "killing" their reputation or unreasonable trolling among people who have too much free time.

The truth is that social platforms offer great opportunities, but their use should be careful. Thus, while you are thinking about how to win an audience, collect a lot of links, get traffic from social networks and create a good name, keep all the above in mind and avoid mistakes.

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