The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

Investment games are actively gaining popularity, and users register in them and invest money in order to receive passive income.

Does it make sense to use such projects? Of course, after all, proven games really pay money and can exist for several years.

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs is in many ways similar to such projects as. Here you are also offered to buy birds carrying eggs, and after collecting them, you can sell this resource and get real money.

If you distribute your investments in several games, you can replenish the list of quality projects with another project.

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

The game is closed

Birds Eggs - for profitable deposits

Now there are almost registered on this site 5000 users , and you can replenish their ranks, having passed the usual registration. For creating a profile in the game, you provide a bonus - one, the cheapest bird. Revenues from it are small, so it is better to invest some money.

You can make a deposit in different ways:

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

As you see, automatic and manual replenishment is offered, you can choose the appropriate option.

If you replenish your account manually via Webmoney, then you will be able to withdraw to your WM wallet.

When crediting your account, you will give 1 ruble per 100 silver. Transfer at least 10 rubles, because it is the cheapest green bird that costs so much:

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

Of course, it is not the most profitable, but by investing a small amount you limit the risks of losing a lot of money. Every hour the birds bring eggs, your task is to periodically collect them and carry them to the warehouse:

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

After that, all the eggs are sent to the warehouse, and you can go to the "Sell eggs" section and exchange them for silver:

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

You can even collect eggs once a month, but you need to sell them quickly, as the parasite can start. The money received from the sale is divided in half between the balance for purchases and the balance for withdrawal. That is, with the sale of 200 eggs, you get a ruble on both accounts.

Additional games on Birds Eggs

After buying birds, you have to go into your account from time to time to collect and sell eggs, which is boring. You can have fun in additional games using funds from any balance in your profile. There are several options to choose from:

  • KNB;
  • lottery;
  • thimbles;
  • Russian roulette;
  • wheel of fortune .

Each game is interesting in its own way, but the most important thing is not to play around, because you can quickly lose everything that you managed to earn in the game.

There are no problems with withdrawal?

As in many other investment games, points are provided for receiving payments, which is described in the project rules:

The game with the withdrawal of money Birds Eggs

Considering how profitable this project is, it is not surprising that there are restrictions. Even if you don’t invest anything, collecting profit from a free green bird, you can dial 50 rubles per week.

If there is an opportunity to receive money, doing almost nothing, then why not take advantage of this opportunity? Sign up for Birds Eggs , and when you visit it in a week, the green bird has enough eggs so you can sell them and order the payment.

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