The game Clan Wars with the withdrawal of money. Earn by playing Clan Wars

There are a lot of exciting and interesting browser games on the Internet, but if you use projects with the ability to withdraw money, you can only increase interest in the development of your characters.

Playing Clan Wars with a withdrawal of money is a great option for entertainment and earnings at the same time.

You don’t need to invest in Clan Wars, but you’ll have to work hard to get your first profit. To begin, you will need to deal with the interface of this game, and then strive to achieve a high level, so that there is a chance to collect platinum, only it can be exchanged for real money.

The game Clan Wars with the withdrawal of money. Earn by playing Clan Wars

Earn by playing Clan Wars

Let this game not differ in the drawn design, it has everything you need for an interesting pastime. It is better to immediately enter the game with enthusiasm, since withdrawing funds immediately will not work.

Start playing for the sake of interest, and then you will have a real chance of earning money.

Why is Clan Wars an interesting game?

This project has a lot of different advantages, but the most important thing is the wide possibilities of the players:

  • interesting battles between players;
  • extraction of various resources;
  • creation of various scrolls and runes;
  • hunting for horrible monsters;
  • many unique artifacts;
  • a lot of different locations;
  • the possibility of creating clans;
  • earning real money.

After registering in the game, you will constantly be given tasks and tips on how to accomplish them:

The game Clan Wars with the withdrawal of money. Earn by playing Clan Wars

As a beginner, the interface will not be so easy to figure out therefore, the hints that are shown in the upper right part of the site will help you:

The game Clan Wars with the withdrawal of money. Earn by playing Clan Wars

As you see, a block with locations is set under these hints, it is easy to navigate through them, as well as tasks. Your main task is the development of your character and the extraction of various resources. Through the adviser (governor), you can get a job (a lumberjack, a bricklayer or a miner) and go to one of the locations.

The first earned money can be spent on the development of your character. In the store you will find all the necessary outfit to turn the "hard worker" into a powerful fighter:

The game Clan Wars with the withdrawal of money. Earn by playing Clan Wars

It is important for pumping parameters and characteristics, periodically participate in battles. Besides the fact that it will add experience to the character, due to the victories you can collect useful artifacts. All this is useful for you to develop, because you can earn real money only from level 7.

How to make money on Clan Wars?

To withdraw money from the game you need to collect platinum. Upon reaching level 7, you will be given a bonus of 5 platinum, but for withdrawal you need to collect 10 units of this resource. This can be done by searching for platinum in the mines or by attracting new players (referrals).

All platinum mines are located in the Outland location, and you can find them with the help of special scrolls. If there are no scrolls, you will have to manually check the locations and monitor the appearance of mines. During the day, for all levels of players 5 mines appear, but you need to have time to extract resources from them, since they disappear.

As for attracting new players, when they reach level 7, you earn 1 platinum. Also allows you to directly make money. For this, you also need to attract players, when they reach level 5, you are charged 10 cents, level 6 - another 90 cents, level 7 - $ 4.

But that's not all, if inside the game they make purchases with real money, you will receive 35% of the deposit amount. Attracting partners is also beneficial, since you will receive 7% of their income.

Payments from the game Clan Wars receives a huge number of users, and you can replenish their number today.

Hurry up to register now, because under the conditions, for withdrawal of funds, the profile must be registered no earlier than 6 months. And during this time you will have enough time to gain enough experience to fight monsters in platinum mines.

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