The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

Bitcoin popularity goes off the line, it has a positive effect on the value of coins, but adversely affects the network performance.

Increasingly, there are comments on the network that the transaction has to wait too long. Therefore, other altcoins begin to use for calculations without a commission.

In this article we collected 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest transaction speed, buy these coins in your portfolio, they should be actively developed in 2018 . Moreover, they are used by large companies to conduct serious transactions.

No one would use dubious technologies in business; therefore, certain conclusions can be drawn.

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

The fastest cryptocurrencies

At the moment, about 1,500 cryptocurrencies are actively unwound. Each of them cannot be called promising, moreover, some from the start are not working fast enough. The fact is that they are developed in different ways, in some cases, the blockchain is not even used.

One of the important factors when evaluating digital coins is the maximum system load. Each of them is capable of processing a certain number of transactions per second.

Something like bandwidth, which not only investors but also large partners are interested in.

For comparison: the well-known VISA payment system is capable of processing 24,000 transactions per second.

According to rough estimates, the Bitcoin blockchain is now capable of performing only 7 operations per second.

Ethereum looks a bit better - 20 operations per second. But all this does not even stand close to the fastest cryptocurrency. Now we will present a number of coins that support a much more serious load.

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

Ripple cryptocurrency - 1500 operations per second

This company is booming, and its cryptocurrency rate took off in 2018 because continue to sign partnership agreements with well-known organizations. Contracts have already been signed with real banks, AmericanExpress, BancoSantander, by the MoneyGramInternational payment system and others.

1. Information about Ripple

The developers did not try to create another cryptocurrency, they launched a new technology focused on financial institutions. Unlike many cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is not used here.

The basis of payment gateways, it is attractive for banking systems. Negotiations are already underway with many companies, and among those connected is the largest bank, Santander, and many others.

The emission of 100 billion coins, the transaction fee is only 0. 0001 XRP (standard anti-spam protection).

2. Ripple

rate and forecast At the end of 2017, the currency rate exploded and soared to a record high. Analysts are confident that this is due to the progressive development of the platform. Various organizations were connected to it, and sooner or later, the quotation should have taken off.

Now the indicator is being adjusted, but there is a high probability that it will again rise sharply to new marks:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

3. Where to buy Ripple?

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The company plans to continue the implementation of its technology in the financial sector. Developers continue to actively develop, especially since they left 65% of the issue for themselves.

Obviously, this was done not just like that, but with a view to perspective. The XRP currency is not yet so promoted, but it has a great future.

Cryptocurrency NEM - 4000 operations per second

The platform offers one of the fastest cryptocurrency transactions. The main direction of development is an organization for the provision of services and currency collection at ICO. With the blockchain you can conveniently convert different tokens to real currency.

Cooperation is conducted with the largest company DigitalEconomyCorporation. There are some technical flaws, the development team is actively working on it.

1. Information about NEM

Cryptocurrency has serious potential, it is the main competitor of Ripl. Appeared in 2016, is particularly popular in Japan. The team took the lead on developing the safest and most convenient bank transfer method.

Transaction processing speed is amazing. To ensure reliable operation based on the NEM blockchain, the Mijin network has been launched.

2. Course and forecast NEM

After the sharp upsurge of the cryptocurrency rates in early 2018, a correction is observed almost everywhere. NEM coins are no exception. Their rate increased 38 times, but now began to decline.

While it is better to watch the charts and wait for the moment, because it is not clear how long the correction will last. Professionals are waiting for the best moment to buy NEM for the long term:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

3. Where to buy NEM?

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The developed Mijin network in Japan was tested by the well-known SBISumishinNetBank.The audit showed that it can withstand severe loads.

Immediately after this, many banks began to implement NEM in their systems. Obviously, the development in this area will lead to a significant increase in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Nano - 7000 operations per second

Once this currency was called RaiBlocks, but after the re-branding the name changed to. In this case, a unique architecture is used (block-lattice). Each account has its own blockchain.

This provides instant changes in the chain of blocks, respectively, provides the highest speed of cryptocurrency transactions.

Developers want to bring their cryptocurrency on a global scale, so that Nano coins are sold in the same way as national currencies.

1. Information about Nano

Due to its differences from the rest of the cryptocurrencies, this project has serious potential. There are no transaction delays here. When a new operation is carried out, the system uses the account balance tracking mechanism.

Due to this, the amount of data in the database is reduced, but security does not suffer. A huge plus cryptocurrency is also in the fact that the transaction is not charged a commission.

2. The course and forecast Nano

The advantages of cryptocurrency offer it serious prospects. The course, like other cryptocurrency has now fallen, according to current data to 8. 782 $.

This is the fastest cryptocurrency, it has unlimited opportunities for scaling, the network does not require significant resources, and for mining coins does not require large capacity. All this makes her prediction promising:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

3. Where to buy Nano?

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The XRB capitalization is approaching 1. 2 billion dollars . Its distinctive features are highly appreciated by analysts. Most of the Russian and foreign experts are confident that in 2018 the course should rise to at least $ 50.

How to buy the fastest cryptocurrencies on stock exchanges?

Fast cryptocurrency transfers attract users' attention, and the higher the coin's popularity, the greater the demand. This has a positive effect on the dynamics of the course, so buying a crypt is promising.

If you are new and want to open your own investment portfolio to include these currencies, follow these steps:

  1. Register on cryptocurrency exchanges that support your chosen coins. It will take a couple of minutes, after which you will be able to log into your account and replenish the balance:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

  1. Please note that on some exchanges there are no accounts for rubles or dollars. In this case, the exchangers will be useful, and you can find them through. It is enough to choose the direction of the exchange and the system will give a list of exchange offices with the most favorable rate:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

  1. Where to transfer money from your wallet or card? It is necessary to select a cryptocurrency on the stock exchange and proceed to its replenishment. There you will see the address of the account, change your rubles (dollars, hryvnia, euro) to it:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

  1. The funds received at the exchange must be used for the exchange. Go to the trading section (Trading, Trading) and find the desired currency pair (if there is too much steam, use the search form):

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

  1. Then the forms appear through which orders for sale or purchase of coins are created. They need to specify the number of tokens and the cost that you are willing to pay (get from the sale). Thus, orders are created on the stock exchanges; other people can take advantage of them:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

  1. After placing an order, it can take a long time to search for the second side of the transaction. Therefore, it is much easier to select an order from the list of applications already created. It is under the form, and the first positions represent the most advantageous offers:

The fastest transaction speed cryptocurrency

All cryptocurrencies with fast transactions are bought in the same way, and only exchanges differ on exchanges. In any case, orders are launched and transactions are conducted between real people.

The exchanges only guarantee the integrity of the transaction and help to quickly find a second way to buy and sell coins.

Conclusions and Conclusion

When choosing a cryptocurrency for an investment portfolio, you need to rely on various factors. For example, choose the fastest cryptocurrency for translation, by capitalization, according to experts, and so on.

The advantage in the form of accelerated operations is an important point, because this is often what users of crypto coins lack.

In their niche, Ripple, NEM and Nano cryptocurrencies are popular, but we must not forget that the blockchain technology itself is not yet very common.

Yes, coins are beginning to be accepted for payment on different sites, smart contracts are made, transfers are made through them, but in the future the volumes of cryptocurrencies used will be much higher.

Any feature is an advantage, only it needs to be properly assessed.Against the background of reducing the speed of transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that is most quickly translated will take over.

After all, in the first place, this technology became interesting precisely for anonymous, fast payments without commission.

If you carefully read the material, you know that Nano is the fastest cryptocurrency. Transaction speed is lightning, but the project is just beginning to develop.

The course of this and similar coins should grow in the near future, all experts go in this opinion. High hopes have been placed on 2018.

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