The End. Findings. Module 7. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

Well, friends, we came to the end of the marathon. Today is the last lesson. This is not even a lesson as a repetition. What have you learned throughout the marathon? What do you already know and can do? Let's review briefly the marathon.

The End. Findings. Module 7. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

Preparing for the marathon

Ed Dale fully implemented video podcasts into the marathon. This practice firmly became his habit. And this is an example for us. What is achieved by video and audio podcasts? The main thing is that you touch two sensors of human perception of information: visual (video and audio, documents. Pdf) and auditory (audio). In addition, when you want to show something in practice, the video is much more clearer than the text. But what about the smell? Feel, touch, taste - the Internet is not capable of this. However, you can realize it yourself - practically turning the lessons of the marathon into reality. Therefore, who practices various manuals - adopt video and audio.

A very important part in preparing for a marathon was a symphony of four notes, appearing over the last marathons. What makes this symphony remarkable and so important? It reveals the essence of the foundation of any online business. These basics need to know and understand. Unfortunately, a lot of webmasters and marketers are burnt out because of ignorance of these basics. Let me briefly remind you:

  1. Market Research
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion
  4. Product

The entire marathon was built on these four notes. Knowing them and being able to put them into practice, you will achieve your goals in the online business.

Module 1: Keywords and Market Research

The first module of the marathon was completely devoted to the topic market research , searching for your niche , key words and phrases for the selected micro niche. For illustrative examples, we saw:

  • how to select weakly competitive keywords for a niche;
  • what to look for when analyzing competitors from TOP-1;
  • what is exact match ”,“ phrase match ”and“ expression match ”for keywords;
  • using SEO matrices when analyzing competitors;
  • researching SEO competition in niche.

We carried out all the research and analyzes with Market Samurai - the main tool of the marathon. The first module answers the main question - is it worth it to work in the chosen niche? Sit down - it is important to know in advance what then to beat like a fish against ice and not achieve anything.

Module 2: Publishing a micro-niche site

The second module logically starts the topic of creating your site online business. One of the main questions of the module is the selection of a domain name. From this point on, the use of selected keywords for the micro niche begins.

Content is required for any website. It’s good when the content is optimized. To facilitate this task, we again use the program Market Samurai . The program finds articles that are suitable for SEO criteria. She finds the optimal content already optimized in the context of the selected key word. Further, we process and publish the received content.

In module two, we met another leading marathon program - WordPress Direct . This is a desktop software package aimed at creating and managing websites based on the WordPress engine. The program also includes modules for publishing advertisements and viewing statistics. For statistics, we connected Google Analytics. WPD makes it possible to keep all your websites at hand. Using API technology, WPD account can be easily integrated into Market Samurai .

Traffic Bug - a program to speed up the indexing of our sites. Used after launching the site.

Module 3: Creating a network of backlinks

The domain is selected, the content is published, the site is running and indexed. What's next? Then he needs to gain rank and authority. Our goal is TOP Google in our micro niche. Module three covers the topic of creating backlinks from trust and reputable resources. In the marathon, in practice, it is shown how and where to create backlinks. Donors were:

  1. Squidoo
  2. EzineArticles - the exchange of articles
  3. Posterous - the crossposting service
  4. WordPress. com
  5. Tumbrl
  6. idetni. ca
  7. Blogger
  8. LiveJournal
  9. Xanga

And again, all backlinks must be created taking into account the key words of the micro niche.

Module 4: Passive Market Leadership

Passive leadership refers to the created image and authority of the site. Passive leadership develops mainly through technical tools and software. One of the software is the module SEO СOMPETISION of the complex Market Samurai . His main task is to analyze the TOP competitors by the selected keyword, phrase or integer expression. The module showed what to look for when analyzing competitors.What do they have that our site doesn't have? Also, this module shows how strong competitors are.

Another way to analyze competitors in poverty is to use Google Reader .

Mole 5: Active Market Leadership

The authority of the site influences the growth of the site’s authority. The topic of active leadership requires more attention and strength, since active and social actions are not necessary for it. At a minimum - this is the creation of the image. Where do we create our image? Forums, blogs, social networks, mass media, etc.

The module reveals the qualities needed to create an image of a leader.

Module 6: Monetization of the site

What is needed to monetize the site?

  • Traffic
  • Advertisements
  • Own product ( if there is one)

In the monetization module, we connected the Google Adsense advertising network to our site. We managed ads via WPD. Considered in detail the creation and publication of advertisements. Evaluation of niche profitability.

Also in the module with examples the issue of choosing partner products was considered. Partner networks were Amazon. com , Commission Junction , ClickBank and Paydotcom .

Module 7: Go / No Go Solutions

What should I do if the website created has not brought the expected result? What to do with it, what to do? These and many other questions are answered by the seventh and final module of the marathon. The module discusses the two sides of the decision medal - this is the decision to continue to develop (Go) and maintain the site and the decision to leave a niche or online business (Not Go).

One of the options to “get rid of” a site is to sell it. Where? On the exchange of sites Flippa. Com . For many, the sale of sites has become a profitable business, has become their niche The module covers the entire process of selling a website through the Flippa. Com exchange.

I would like to note that many of the marathon participants have an excellent experience and skill in SEO. Many of them have found a new job or are working as freelancers.

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