The difficulties of making money on copywriting, the creative crisis

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users are engaged in writing articles for the purpose of earning money on the Internet. At first glance, such work is simple and promising, but, like any other, has negative points.

The difficulties of making money on copywriting will arise absolutely precisely, unfortunately, without this in any way.

The difficulties of making money on copywriting, the creative crisis

What kind of difficulties are we talking about?

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1. Prices.
In the implementation of the first steps, the most difficult thing is to decide on the price, because nobody wants to sell their work at all for a penny. Many experienced copywriters unanimously advise to dump (lower prices to get a rating) and this is really the way out.

The number of copywriters is constantly increasing, and dumping seriously interferes with professionals, interrupting customers. Here you have the first difficulty, you will encounter dumping and beginners will “take” you a lot of potential customers.

2. Copywriting is a job for newbies.
Unfortunately, copywriting has long since ceased to be perceived as work for talented people and hundreds of thousands of illiterate authors join the ranks of copywriters. There is nothing surprising that the work of copywriters today is not accompanied by respect. That is why no one is proud of their status, but only shares the possible earnings with novice "writers."

3. Cheating
After writing a lot of articles for a particular project, it is necessary to competently carry out a project transfer transaction. How to do it if the customer refuses to pay first? Many simply take the risk and transfer the work, some send 10-20% of the texts, while others carry out the transaction through an intermediary. Cheating copywriters occur very often, so you need to be extremely careful.

The difficulties of making money on copywriting, the creative crisis

4. Rewriting
It is considered that rewriting is a convenient means for creating texts, but if you are a self-respecting copywriter, do not be persuaded to conduct a rewriting. If you frequently conduct rewriting, the level of your professionalism will simply simply fall from a solid copywriter, you will turn into a regular rewriter, whose works do not have such a high price.

5. Search for customers.
Of course, there are content exchanges on which you can sell an infinite amount of materials, but if you can find a regular customer, consider that you have eliminated one of the main problems with the work of a freelancer - instability. Finding customers is not so easy, which is why we have included this moment in the list of difficulties.

6. Creative crisis.
A true copywriter is a creative person with a huge amount of various thoughts and ideas “flying” in his head. Unfortunately, all thoughts can “overlap” for various reasons and a creative crisis ensues. You can overcome it, but it will take time, but as they say, "Time is money."

7. Difficult orders.
Even the most experienced article authors are systematically faced with the difficulties associated with complex topics of materials. Of course, there is the Internet, thanks to which you can quickly get the necessary information and understand complex processes, but not everything can be sorted out in 5-10 minutes or even 5-10 hours.

There are a lot of difficulties in the work of copywriters, and we have just presented them in this article. If you do not find anything frightening in this information, feel free to start making money on writing articles.

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