The cheapest CPA cheat method

Everybody wants to earn big money and if there is an opportunity to increase income, she must use it.

Affiliate programs bring stable income to thousands of people (I am one of them). They work according to different schemes, in my opinion, the most profitable with pay per action.

How to make CPA affiliate program? You need to act carefully and competently, because any cheating is prohibited and for this they can block your profile without the possibility of withdrawing funds. Are you worried? Then it is better to use tips on working with affiliates. Each method has a reverse side of the coin.

The cheapest CPA cheat method

The bulk of the markups are done through click-through sponsors. These are active advertising systems where people can pay for the necessary actions.

Newbies earn money from this, and CPA users of affiliate programs spin indicators. How profitable to use this method? Let's look at an example.

To do this, we go to Wmmail (the most popular book) and look for tasks where you need to install a mobile application:

The cheapest CPA cheat method

The performers are offered various rewards. The lower the payment, the fewer people will decide to fulfill the order. Therefore, it is better to establish a decent pay.

Who creates such tasks? Affiliate CPA users. Some of them wind up statistics in the aggregators of affiliate programs, such as:

The cheapest CPA cheat method

It takes much less money to pay for completed tasks than you receive from an affiliate program. The scheme is profitable, but if the administration of the affiliate company finds out about cheating, problems are inevitable.

There are users of books that specifically merge information about cheaters. Some affiliate programs even pay for it.

You need to act carefully, create separate accounts for earnings, and also build transition chains.

Never ask the performers to go straight to the page with the application, so that the transition is not tracked, let the users move from the site, the group to the social. networks and other sites.

Qualitative cheating CPA

The work done at the highest level is a work done by yourself. On the Internet now you can find different scripts and tricky moneymakers, offering to wind any indicators. You can trust them, but I will not undertake to advise something in this niche, because there are too many scammers.

In order not to fall for the CPA affiliate program, use proxy and left phone numbers . For example, if payments to a partner come for a confirmed order, you can make them from several numbers and change your IP all the time so that you will not be traced.

As for phone numbers, you can buy them in any quantity via the Internet. You can also buy a pack of SIMs, as professionals do. You may not need them if you get paid for other activities. Again, let's go back to the mobile apps example.

The instruction “Instagram registration through computer” will show you how to download mobile applications on a PC.

You install an emulator, each time you create new accounts and change the proxy to download any game. The method is time consuming, but working, no one will have to pay, and the probability of burning is low.

You can twist anything, the main thing is to know the approach. It is desirable to use only qualitative methods, it is a pity to lose money for nothing or to work for a long time without return.

Mailers should be used for slightly diluting traffic. With small volumes of motivated traffic, it is possible and not to attract the attention of the administration.

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