The best way to speed up the synchronization of crypto currencies

It is better to store cryptocurrencies and manage your coins through client programs. There are a lot of them now, they are almost the same.

They are loaded and installed as standard, but almost all newbies are interested in how long to wait for full synchronization. Sometimes it is delayed for several days.

How to speed up the synchronization of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other wallets? The speed depends on how fast your internet is.

Unfortunately, servers do not always work at full capacity, so you have to wait a long time for the download. The total database of the wallet is from 20 GB of disk space .

The best way to speed up the synchronization of crypto currencies

Synchronization - loading of blocks

When you first start up any client wallet, automatic synchronization begins. The program loads a huge amount of data.

Blocks are downloaded in the few months and sometimes in the several years that a cryptocurrency exists. The interface is different everywhere, but the synchronization procedure looks the same:

The best way to speed up the synchronization of crypto currencies

Someone solves this problem by creating multi-currency wallets through exchanges, some open online wallets or download "light" versions of client applications. But little-known cryptocurrencies are not always available in them, so you have to download weighty programs.

Everyone who installed such software on their PC already knows that it takes a long time to wait for synchronization. The history of operations from all over the world is loaded, and the more popular the critical value is, the more blocks you have to download.

At the moment, the bitcoin blockchain already takes up more than 110 GB. , therefore, synchronization may well last more than a week (ignore the hangs, the counter sometimes fails).

How to speed up Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet synchronization?

One of the attentive users decided to analyze the synchronization procedure and made his own assumptions about speed.

After checking the PC resources, he noticed that not so much RAM is being used and there is no load on the processor. Internet speed allows you to load faster, but something slows down the operation:

The best way to speed up the synchronization of crypto currencies

It turns out that a regular hard disk is simply unable to record data as fast as it moves on the Internet. Conclusion - we need a more modern and high-quality media.

The perfect solution SSD disk. You can buy it at any computer shop or order it at.

Download the blocks with one archive on Cryptochainer

Sometimes data is transferred for a long time not because of bad Internet from the user, but at low speed on servers.

Therefore, it makes sense to download all the blocks in one archive, then transfer them to the desired wallet directory. It may need an additional update, but it is much faster.

A project was created specifically for this, where blockchains are offered for many cryptocurrencies. All of them are downloaded as archives, which can be downloaded for free.

It is really possible to save time, but note that the blocks take up a lot of space, so you still have to wait for them to load:

The best way to speed up the synchronization of crypto currencies

Everything is done in a simple format, from a huge list will need to choose the desired blockchain. We will not publish a full list of cryptocurrencies, because there are too many of them and new ones are constantly being added. Here you can download blocks of such popular altcoins as:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

This is just a small list of available blocks for downloading. Downloading archives is much faster than the standard synchronization of the wallet.

Note that the data is constantly increasing, so we cannot say how much an archive weighs under some cryptocurrency.

How does synchronization with Cryptochainer work?

The method of accelerated synchronization through the loaded blockchains allows you to quickly enter the network, without paying anything.

It is possible to simultaneously download archives for different cryptocurrencies. Further actions also do not differ in complexity, that you need to do :

  1. Go to Cryptochainer, find in the list the necessary blockchain for cryptocurrency, then click on the download button.
  2. After the download is completed, you need to extract the data from the archive to any folder on your computer.
  3. Now you need to go to the wallet folder, as a rule, it is located at this address C: \ User \ Admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bitcoin (the last directory may be called differently, depending from cryptocurrency.
  4. You need to delete all information from this folder, except for the wallet. dat file. Just in case, create a backup copy on your PC.
  5. point 2).

Archives with blocks on Cryptochainer are not updated every day, but they are not very outdated (for a week, a month).Therefore, when you start the wallet, synchronization will start anyway, but the rest of the data will be loaded.

At least, you do not have to wait a week or even a month (some say that their synchronization lasts more than 3 weeks).

Similar archives can be searched on the forums (if they are not available for the desired currency on Cryptochainer). Just be careful, fraudsters can download viruses and other unnecessary information with this tricky method.

Here all the blocks are checked, and a lot of positive reviews have been written about the site.

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