The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

Yandex’s electronic money continues to gain momentum. A few years ago, no one could have thought about the prosperity of the service, because he had serious problems.

Now this is the leading payment system with millions of turns. Millions of people have wallets that can be easily earned money.

Monitoring of axles with payment on Yandex. Money is useful to all beginners to find a simple service for a side job. On mailers they pay for viewing sites, for registrations, reviews and other simple actions.

The yield of this method is not the highest, but it suits many people and they have been working for years in this field.

The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

Yandex books - Toloka service

First of all, let's talk about the official search engine project that you can make money quickly and easily. This system has been launched to improve search.

Each user can help find the same pictures, find the ideal source for a request, identify spammed sites and get a reward for it.

If you are registered with one of Yandex services, then you just need to log in. After logging into your account, you will see a list of available orders:

The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

The tasks here are really interesting, but most often the payment is no more than a cent. For beginners prepared materials for training. Before you perform an order for the first time, you first need to undergo training (sometimes they pay for it).

It’s not difficult to work, in some tasks they are asked to indicate which advertising format you are observing on the page:

The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

There is always a lot of work, and the more orders you carry, the more offer you new errands. The minimum amount to withdraw only 2 cents, when transferring funds to Yandex. Wallet, they are automatically converted into rubles at the current rate:

The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

Working on this site is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Although the tasks are not complicated, you have to spend a lot of time on monotonous work. And the payment is not the highest, sometimes there are better deals on the usual clique sponsors.

Books with a money withdrawal on Yandex

Yandex payment system. Money is quite popular, so almost all the mailers pay for it. We decided to assemble a selection of only high-quality, stable and proven axle boxes, we recommend using only these projects:

  1. Wmmail is the oldest among analogous, high-quality axles with output to Yandex. Money and not only. Here the most extensive functionality, users have the opportunity to communicate in the gazebo, collect freebies there, ask questions, buy and sell referrals or articles, run tasks "in one action" and much more.
  2. Seosprint is not so complicated and stuffed with books, but there are even more tasks on it. You will not find 13,000 instructions on any other click sponsor. For the rest, it is no different from analogs. There is a 2-level affiliate program with progressive interest, and the minimum amount to withdraw is only 2 rubles.
  3. Socpublic - a few years ago, this book was called Wmpublic, but it was completely reworked. Now here are most often held contests and cash prizes are drawn. There are several directions for withdrawal, minimum salary 1 kopek. If you invite new members, you will receive up to 60% of their income.
  4. is a copy of Seosprint, although initially the project was created on its own engine. Now it is quite well-known books with payments of 44 million rubles. In addition to the usual tasks section, sections with instructions on Vkontakte and YouTube are offered here, you only need to connect your account.
  5. - no books can compare with this mailer in speed of development. Over the past year, developers have added many new sections, launched an extension (for browsers) for automatic earnings, worked on a system of achievements and careers. Payments are carried out automatically.
  6. - relatively young books with all the classical methods of earnings. See sites, complete tasks, attract referrals (3 level affiliate program). There is an automatic refback setting, referrals are available, the minimum salary for withdrawal is not installed.
  7. - it has been operating since 2013, it looks like Seosprint. Payments are made on the machine, referral 2-level, with a maximum contribution of 62%. Each user builds a career, increases the level to use advanced features. To withdraw money, you need to collect at least 5 rubles.
  8. - the usual books with tests, tasks and other types of earnings. There is a career system and a profitable affiliate program. The percentage of deductions depends on the status. The administration regularly holds contests and promotions with worthy prizes. Minimum to withdrawal is only 50 kopecks.
  9. - the service is interesting for both performers and advertisers, so it is ideal for attracting referrals. For each registration, 3 rubles are paid here (not counting the percentages), when viewing sites here you do not need to wait for the timer. Payments are automatic from 1 ruble.
  10. - in almost 2 years of existence, over 800,000 rubles were withdrawn from this box. At the moment, this is the only project with a bonus for registration, though it is not big, only 0. 1 rub. And if you invite someone to the system, get 15 kopecks. In addition, deductions will come from the 3-level affiliate program.
  11. - over 600,000 users and 14 million rubles total payments. Quite a famous project with tasks, contests and referral system. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 1 ruble. Prices for jobs in social. networks are fixed, for example, entry into the VC group brings 80 kopecks.
  12. - another famous book with 200,000 fans. He paid more than 2. 5 million rubles for more than 6 years of stable work. There is charged for viewing sites and banners, reading letters, passing texts and performing tasks. There is an affiliate program, and the minimum salary is only 3 rubles.
  13. - this service has been operating for almost 4 years, total payments have long exceeded one million rubles. Payments are made to different payment systems, the internal balance is in rubles. Affiliate program 3-level, and for each visit pay at least 0. 008 rubles.
  14. is a simple ordinary book with standard functions. As in many peers, a rating system is installed here. From the status of the user depends on his access to certain functions, as well as the percentage of profitability from referrals. Here minimum salary for withdrawal is only 1 ruble.
  15. - appeared in 2009, paid almost 3. 5 million rubles. Good books for earning Yandex Money. It does not allow any trash to autosurfing, pay for visiting sites from 6 kopecks, there is an unusual part-time work "Pixelloid" and users collect pink balls while browsing sites, this is a bonus.
  16. - users are slightly more than 70,000, and payments exceed 300,000 rubles. Every day new members register here to earn in different ways and build a referral network (affiliate 2-level). Minimum withdrawal 2 rubles.
  17. - for more than 4 years, this mailer has been consistently making payments, including on Yandex Money. There are competitions every day, and in addition to the usual methods of earnings, banner surfing is offered. Payments are carried out instantly, order them at least every day, because the minimum salary is just a ruble.
  18. - a little more than 40 thousand users, total payments of 320,000 rubles. There are automatic payments, the project has been working steadily for more than 3 years, there are regular contests and there is a chat to communicate with other participants. Affiliate 3-level, for referrals, you can create separate contests.
  19. - for three and a half years there has been working an axle box with no 10,000 registered participants. It is ideal for the development of a referral network. Affiliate of 5 levels will bring a percentage, depending on your status. For registration give 5 kopecks, instant payments, every day.
  20. - good old mailer with total payments of more than 42 million rubles. At the same time, more than a million people managed to register on it. Here they pay for viewing sites at least 12 kopecks, on assignments of 15 kopecks. From the first level of referrals charged 10%, from the second 5% (payments on the machine).
  21. - another project with an audience of less than 10,000 participants. For 2. 5 years he spent a lot of payments and proved his honesty. Only here they give a bonus for registering 25 kopecks, the same amount is charged if by your ref. link someone will register. Plus, interest will be charged from 3 lines of referrals.
  22. - the project is young, it works only a year, but has already attracted 20,000 users and paid over 100,000 rubles. For registration here is also provided a bonus (0. 1 rub.). It features an additional method of earning "YouTube Surf". Affiliate program 3-level.
  23. - the younger brother of Seosprint, from the same developers. Projects differ only in the fact that here the balance is kept in dollars. The site has already collected more than a million registrations, and payments from it have been ordered for a total of $ 350,000. Attract referrals, earn interest or sell them through the exchange.
  24. - many methods are connected to receive payments on this site, including Yandex. Money (there is even a payment for mobile communication and Internet providers). Pay for visiting 5 kopecks for visiting sites, 7. 5 kopecks when reading letters. For the performance of tasks paid up to 4 rubles.
  25. - since 2011, this book has been regularly paying, bringing profit to its small audience (almost 40,000 participants). Total paid $ 220,000.Currently 400 tasks are available on the site, and the most active performers can win the competition and receive up to 20% of the total amount earned.

We already presented the axle boxes with payment on QIWI, but there the list was much smaller. It’s not difficult to explain, simply the Yandex payment system is more popular and convenient. Which of the books you will use is not important, we recommend trying to engage in the exchange of referrals.

Run tasks in one box and direct people to other mailers. Thus, your ref will develop. network, in perspective, is a passive source of profit.

The best sites for earnings on Yandex wallet

Other sites with Yandex money

Do you want to always have money on your Yandex wallets? Then it is worth considering other equally interesting projects.

Some of them manage to earn much more. We will not move away from the main topic of our article, so briefly we will talk about several useful sites:

  1. - earnings in an economic game by taxi with money withdrawal.
  2. - buy chickens, pick up eggs, make a profit from selling them.
  3. is a game about gnomes, the profit from the sale of ore is displayed on Yandex.
  4. - enter the captcha and get small rewards for it.
  5. - another service for making money on captcha input.
  6. - install a plugin in your browser and get paid for viewing ads.
  7. - offers the same expansion and earnings on simple tasks.
  8. - all the easy tasks on this site are related to social networks.
  9. - earn money on YouTube, VK and Instagram.
  10. - earnings with investments in binary options trading.

Not only books can bring electronic money, output to Yandex. Money is connected to many other resources. You only need to choose which is better. And if it is too difficult to decide, just try, at least 2-3 different options.

Payments to the Yandex wallet I myself receive constantly from a variety of sites. In my opinion, this is a decent payment system with all the necessary functions.

Don't expect big exhaust pipes, but look at it from the other side, you don't need to learn anything, everything is simple and without investments. And if you start attracting referrals, then it becomes possible to create a passive source of income.

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