The best site map generators, the best site map generators

One of the main rules for optimization is to create a site map.

The contents of the pages of your resource helps not only users find the necessary information conveniently, but also the search engines quickly scan project for the availability of new materials.

Creating a site map is not difficult, special plug-ins have been created for engines, and if you don’t want to load your resource, you can use online services.

The site map generators are different, but they have one purpose - to make a list of all the materials for your project. In this article we will consider the most popular systems in which you can get a free map for your site.

The best site map generators, the best site map generators

The best site map generators

Having studied a lot of reviews and based on our own experience, we made a selection of the most high-quality generators. When using them, you will need to perform the same actions, in particular, indicate the address of the site, so even if the service is foreign, you can use it.

  • ;
  • (also up to 500 URLs are free);
  • (3500 URLs are free);
  • ;
  • ( free of charge, any number of site maps;
  • (5000 pages can be added for free);
  • (free of charge up to 2000 pages);
  • (up to 1000 pages free of charge);
  • (no more than 500 pages for free);
  • (the site map should not be more than 10 MB and contain more than 50 000 pages);
  • ;
  • (free up to 750 URLs;
  • (500 pages free of charge; in order to remove the restriction, you will have to pay $ 2. 5).

The best site map generators, the best site map generators

This list should be enough for you to generate a quality resource map. It should be noted that most of the services presented here are suitable for developing a map of the XML format, which is intended for search engine robots.

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