The best programs for making money on the phone

Mobile devices have become so common that at many sites attendance from a PC is already lower than through smartphones. This launches a new wave - earnings on the phones.

People are increasingly interested in how to receive money using a tablet or smartphone, and special applications have been created for this.

The best programs for earning money on the phone we have collected on this page. They work differently, activity is required somewhere, somewhere money is dripping on the machine.

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There are differences in income level, because some methods are too simple. In one there can be no doubt - from a smartphone to really earn.

The best programs for making money on the phone

How to make money from the phone?

The list of the best applications we will now present. You need to decide how to use your device.

The fact is that there are a lot of directions, and the most popular of them is paid installation of games and performance of different tasks. Profit depends on the activity, but the income will still not be huge.

Today it is important to collect cryptocurrencies, their rates are growing, some users even became millionaires.

From a mobile device, this is also real, but for now they are not as powerful as gaming computers, so do not dream about the golden mountains. On the other hand, collected coins can become more expensive and then you will get even more money.

MinerGate - a program for making money on the phone

Let's start with the most popular mining service, which offers to produce different cryptocurrencies. This project has a PC program and a mobile application.

After installing it, you can select any coin and start collecting it on the machine. In this case, the choice of load is available:

The best programs for making money on the phone

The list of cryptocurrencies is not updated frequently. Judging by the reviews and indicators, the best option is Monero. Selecting coins, you can set the speed of mining. If you put HIGH, then using the smartphone will not work, it will be hard to slow down.

How many crypts one can assemble depends on the power of your device. As you can see, my smartphone produces 17. 8 H / s, and with such a hash rate a week comes out about 13 cents (at MED speed):

The best programs for making money on the phone

You can select the HIGH mode, but even in this case, it is unlikely to be released more than 30 cents a week. The only thing you have to count on is the cryptocurrency rates.

Who knows how high the quotes of coins will rise. Therefore, if you decide to use Minergate, do not rush to transfer the crypt to Fiat, it is better to wait for the tokens to rise in price.

Nimses - software for mobile phones for automatic earning.

. The following application is also associated with cryptocurrency -. The new social network Nimses plans to release its NIM token, but so far it is not available on the exchanges.

At the moment, coins are piling up on the balances of registered users. You can just sit in the social. network, and for each minute will come one BAT:

The best programs for making money on the phone

Download the application Nimses is only for the sake of prospects. When their cryptocurrency appears on the exchanges, and the project continues to grow, it will be possible to earn good money.

As for the activity, do not be lazy to upload new photos. They give more NIM for this and other users can reward them if they like the post.

Bitmaker is a program for earning Bitcoins to a phone

You should not leave the current trend in the form of cryptocurrencies, but with the application (specify this code OMPSGU ) you can receive not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum.

After the download and the first entry, you will see a button to collect the bonus. Every 30 minutes you can get free Bolts, which are then exchanged for popular crypto coins:

The best programs for making money on the phone

Not so long ago, they launched their STORM tokens and rebranded, now their application is called StormPlay. But in general, nothing has changed.

In addition to collecting the bonus, assignments are available. You load games, go through registrations, draw up cards, get a domestic currency that is exchanged for Ethers or Beats:

The best programs for making money on the phone

The image shows how many Bolts are needed to get paid and how much is in BTC or ETH you get to the wallet. These coins are constantly becoming more expensive, so in the long run, earnings are interesting.

Programs for earning on the Android and IOS phone

We presented the most interesting projects in the article about earnings on the installation of mobile applications. There you will find a selection of programs that pay downloads from GooglePlay and the AppStore.

Therefore, below we only briefly tell you about some utilities that are suitable for working with a smartphone:

  1. - earnings for performing tasks in social networks (likes, reposts and etc.)
  2. - viewing advertising for money (plus a 7-level affiliate program).
  3. - suitable only for earnings through Android devices.
  4. - the most popular program for making money on application installations.
  5. - the best foreign project for making money from a phone on assignments.
  6. - always a lot of suggestions for installing games and programs.
  7. - another program to make money on the phone through the installation.
  8. - payment for download coins that are exchanged for real money.
  9. - pays up to 20 rubles for one installation of a free game.
  10. - download free programs, earn money without investments.

Almost all of these programs for earning money on the Internet on the phone are used to replenish the mobile balance. They do not bring huge profits, but there is enough to pay for communications, the Internet or small purchases.

The best programs for making money on the phone

Other programs and services for making money through the phone

Useful applications are constantly being created for mobile devices, and earning money with them is gaining momentum.

A selection of the above projects is enough for a start, but you need to look for something suitable for yourself. Consider the following services and programs for making money on the phone:

  1. is the easiest job, you just need to solve the captcha. There is no application yet, but there is a mobile interface. You come from the usual browser and you solve characters from pictures. For some of them pay 4 pennies. Few? This is quite a normal payment for such simple actions.
  2. - for everyone who understands sports, it makes sense to download the application from one of the bookmakers in Russia permitted. Through it, bets on football, basketball, volleyball and other sports are accepted. For registration, new customers receive freebet for 2000 rubles.
  3. - the binary options broker also offers to bet, but not on sports, but on currency rates. Through a convenient mobile application, you can open an option, for example, to increase the dollar rate and win up to 90% of the bet amount. For the replenishment of the balance provides bonuses.
  4. - suitable for Android and IOS users. Through it comes the job of creating different images (food, clothing, household appliances, etc.). While the project is not strongly promoted, so there are few orders. For the work points are awarded, which are then exchanged for euros.
  5. - register, go through verification in this program to earn money from your phone and start uploading photos. Money will come in the form of likes or from the sale of images. All of them are exhibited at the popular photo stock, where foreign buyers drop in.
  6. - Yandex service with different tasks. Here they are asking to improve the search engine by identifying spammed sites, selecting images for queries and so on. Bots are not able to cope with such tasks. The money received is transferred to e-wallets and PrivatBank cards.
  7. - the mobile program is also gaining momentum, therefore, so far there are not many orders here. All of them are related to the work of the "secret buyer". Customers are asked to visit the nearest store (your location is determined) and take pictures of the shop windows. Naturally, there are more orders for residents of large cities.
  8. - register and add profiles from social networks. In this application, different tasks are available, and many of them appear only after authorization through social. network. Pay likes, reviews, comments, installation of different applications.
  9. - through this program for the phone they also earn money on installation of applications. The project is foreign, but in Russia is also popular. Its main difference is the ability to spend accumulated points on real goods or coupons of famous sites.
  10. - download the program for earnings and complete the tasks. Here they are asked to view videos, to be active in the social. networks, take polls, test services and much more. The withdrawal is only available on PayPal, and the minimum amount is $ 5.

Every year mobile earnings are becoming more and more popular, and there are more applications for this. In the foreign Internet this direction is developing faster, and therefore the choice of projects in foreign languages ​​is much wider.

However, this is not a problem, because many tasks are intuitive, there is no need to learn English to perform them.

Do not forget that you can also use the earnings on affiliate programs from the phone. Advertise products, services, attract referrals. If you are active, you can earn a lot on this.

Download any software to make money on the phone and use the services provided. Modern mobile devices are not worse than computers, except that using them to perform complex tasks is not always convenient.

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