The best paid site engine - CMS Bitrix

When choosing a content management system, many users face a difficult decision. To date, a huge amount of CMS is offered, and in order to make the right choice, you need to consider each of them in more detail.

If newbies try to use free engines, the owners of large companies do not spare money for better platforms.

One of these platforms is the best engine, according to a huge number of webmasters. Just say that this is a paid system, and the prices are impressive, so it is not as popular as Joomla or WordPress. Despite the lower popularity, this system is something to appreciate, it is one of the highest quality.

The best paid site engine - CMS Bitrix

Among commercial CMS, Bitrix occupies a leading position in popularity in Runet, and the developers have achieved such a result, due to the enormous work done.

Why is Bitrix considered the best?

  • the administrative panel interface is easy to learn and convenient;
  • developers pay special attention to the security of the engine, therefore, Frequently there are free CMS updates;
  • the network has a wealth of information on using Bitrix. In addition, after purchasing the platform, you can contact technical support for help. Given the huge number of instructions, it is unlikely that you will need to contact specialists at all;
  • due to the high popularity of the engine, it will not be difficult for you to find a specialist to work in it (template creation, optimization, content managers, etc.) );
  • this engine supports various database formats;
  • for companies the main advantage is the ability to connect accounting programs;
  • the site can be integrated with 1C systems;
  • a huge set of various settings and parameters;
  • there are special SEO modules for conveniently go site promotion;
  • very convenient content editor.

Like any other software product, Bitrix has some downsides. First of all, this is the cost of this engine (price range from 1990 to 329 900 rubles).

The best paid site engine - CMS Bitrix

In addition, users highlight the following minuses of the engine:

  • most add-ons are paid;
  • for CMS you need powerful hosting;
  • there are often problems with download speeds.

Despite some drawbacks, CMS Bitrix continues to gain popularity and more and more websites are created through it.

In comparison with free engines, this CMS, of course, is very different, and the money that will have to pay for it, you can earn on your resource. Of course, this will take time, which means you need to make a starting contribution.

The conclusion is the following - for professionals this engine fits perfectly, because the created SOMs on Bitrix will work stably, and they can be gradually improved. But for the uncertain beginners, it is better not to spend money, but to gain experience, starting with free CMS.

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