The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Digital coins are quickly gaining popularity, the Bitcoin course is amazing, and this causes an increased interest of the audience to this topic.

Many have already started making cryptocurrency, but they don’t even know how it is converted into real money. Many sites have been created for such operations and now you will learn about them.

Where and how to exchange cryptocurrency - TOP 10 best Bitcoin exchangers will be useful not only for displaying tokens, but also for purchasing them.

Exchange offices on the Internet are changing more and more types of cryptocurrency. Courses are different everywhere, as well as commissions, terms for processing a translation and so on. Therefore, it is important to choose proven and high-quality services.

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchanges or exchangers?

The turnover of transactions on special exchanges exceeds billions of rubles, experienced users use this method.

Why? Because it is possible to catch the most profitable courses on the stock exchanges. True, they are not always accompanied by the necessary amounts. That is, you have to monitor offers and in parts to buy BTC (another cryptocurrency).

The exchanges operate on the same principle. On them, people create orders (their proposals), which can be used for the exchange.

Also, it is proposed to create your applications and wait for someone to respond to them. The main advantage is the ability to catch the most favorable conditions for both buying and selling:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Why, then, need exchangers? Their administration keeps huge sums in reserves. As soon as the request comes from the user, the transaction is carried out immediately.

Simply put, it is better to go to stock exchanges for favorable conditions, but in some cases, you have to wait several weeks, and during this time the course can change a lot. Exchangers conduct operations for an hour, this is their main advantage.

Finding the most favorable exchange rate on Bitcoin exchangers

If you use exchange offices, you will have to visit them for every transaction, check the course, evaluate the commission and so on. This is not convenient, but nobody wants to lose their coins when exchanging. Therefore, it makes sense to use monitoring.

First you need to choose which currency is changing:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Now hundreds of verified exchangers have been added to this service. Information about them is constantly collected, courses are compared in real time, users are offered to leave reviews.

By selecting the courses and clicking the button, the user gets a list of services where you can make a deal:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The resources with the most favorable conditions are displayed in the first positions. The difference is palpable, even in our example, on the first and last site the difference is 10,000 rubles.

Why overpay for it when you can simply use another site. Moreover, the exchange takes place everywhere in one scenario.

How to exchange bitcoins through an exchanger?

The design exchange points differ in the rest, they are the same. After the transaction on one of the services, you can easily use its counterparts.

In order not to have any problems, let's look at a specific example. One of the best exchangers was chosen, where they are asked to indicate the amount to transfer:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

In this example, Bitcoin is exchanged for a Payeer, therefore they are asked to specify only the e-wallet and mail number. Fill in this data, enter the captcha and click on the button.

The system provides us with a Bitcoin address to which you need to send the specified amount or use the QR code:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

After transferring the BTC to the specified address, you need to click the Done button and wait a bit. Depending on the exchange currencies chosen, the processing speed of the transaction may vary.

Inverse operations are carried out in the same way, online transfer of funds to the exchanger account, after which another currency is transferred to you.

Rating the best Bitcoin exchangers

So that you don’t come across scammers and change Bitcoin with a normal rate, we have compiled a collection of exchange points. When using them, you don’t have to worry about fairness of transactions, and commissions will not be too high:

  1. Reliable Bitcoin exchanger

Large amounts in reserves - This is the main advantage of this exchanger. Through it, it is possible to change any amounts and quickly enough. The minimum transfer amount is from 150 rubles, there is a discount system, it is extremely simple:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Up to 15% of savings for regular customers, these are really favorable conditions. Many people choose a service for earnings on referrals, because in this respect cooperation is advantageous:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Moreover, for a certain number of invited clients, they send real gifts. These can be hard drives, smartphones, laptops, and more. Only there is a prerequisite - the total turnover of the referral exchange must exceed $ 100.

  1. The exchanger for bitcoin

Day and night exchanges are processed in just 10 minutes. In addition to BTC, Ethers, Dash, Dogecoin and Lightcoin are available. The choice of payment systems is also large, transfers to credit cards.

Since 2012, the service has received positive feedback, it is worth noting a nice design. It is better to register to get bonuses for a certain turnover:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Reserves are always full. For example, 42 Bitcoins are currently available (approximately 42 million rubles). And this is only for one currency, imagine what the total amount is in circulation.

The affiliate program is standard for such projects - level 2 0. 6% and 0. 2% from referral transactions.

  1. A profitable bitcoin exchanger

Externally, this service outperforms its competitors. All operations are carried out on the machine, so the speed of execution of the transaction is maximum. This is his main chip, because the courses are swimming everywhere.

For convenience, even a mobile application has been created, though so far only for owners of Android devices:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Round the clock exchange is available in many directions and you can choose not only Bitcoin Added other cryptocurrencies.

Before conducting a transaction, it is worth registering. Because there is a bonus system on this site. At a minimum, you will receive 0. 05% as a gift only if you register:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Feedback about BucksMan is positive, and besides the exchange, they offer to make money. There is a 2-level affiliate program, pay 0. 6% and 0. 2% of the turnover of referrals during exchanges.

  1. Bitcoin exchanger for rubles

Manually processed customer transactions, through operators. Therefore, the transfer speed is not the fastest, but basically it is 5-15 minutes.

There are many directions for exchanging for rubles, including QIWI, Sberbank, various payment systems and other cryptocurrencies. Plus, discounts are available for regular customers:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Data is in dollars, i.e. if you have already exchanged up to $ 300, you will receive a discount of 0. 05%. Depending on the direction of the exchange, the minimum amount varies from $ 3 to 250 rubles.

As in the example, when transferring funds, you can use the BTC address or QR code. If the exchange is carried out with a bank card, will require personal data.

  1. Bitcoin exchanger for Sberbank

Naturally, not only BTC changes on this site and they are not only transferred to Sberbank cards. The choice of currencies is wide, and its main advantage is increased anonymity.

Here, no extra data is requested when making a transaction, the interface is simple and convenient:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Discounts are also provided, therefore it is better to register. After logging in, you get 0. 05% discount. The conditions of the affiliate program are the same as on many other sites - level 2, 0. 6% and 0. 2%.

All trust forums have feedback on this project, the processing time rarely takes more than 15 minutes.

  1. Qiwi exchange for Bitcoin

There are a lot of other directions on the site, and other popular cryptocurrencies are changing - Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, etc.

The site states that only 2 minutes are required to process applications, reviews on the forums confirm this. Usually, only Email is requested, but sometimes you need to enter a full name.

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The reputation of the exchanger is white. To exchange BTC for fiat money, you need an amount from 0. 003 Bitcoin. You do not need to register, and the transfer is done after 2 confirmations.

With the exchanger, you can make good money on attracting customers. From the first line comes 0. 6% of all exchanges, from the second 0. 2%.

  1. Online Bitcoin exchanger

The impressive reserves of the project are already credible. Transactions are carried out quickly and honestly, the best confirmation of this is positive feedback (there are plenty of them on the network).

The site appeared in 2010, the reputation is positive, profitable courses, technical support around the clock. In addition to Bitcoin, they offer to change other cryptographic money:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The minimum amount for exchange is the equivalent of $ 30, the average processing speed is 10 minutes. It is not necessary to register, but in this case you will not receive bonus percent on the discount.

You can advertise this exchange office by any means and receive an affiliate program to receive 0. 6% from the first level of referrals.

  1. The most profitable bitcoin exchanger

Manual processing of applications made for increased security. Operators work around the clock, so transactions are usually carried out in 15 minutes.

The design is not the most successful, but the functionality works, there are enough directions for the exchange, a lot of positive feedback and there is a discount system:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

It is advisable to register before the exchange, because that it gives an additional discount. As the amount in circulation increases, the percentage increases, up to a maximum of 0. 2%. According to the partner program, it is also possible to earn 0. 6% and 0. 2% from two levels.

  1. Bitcoin exchange for rubles online

Change your digital money 24 hours a day, in 15 minutes your application will be processed. The site stands out among its competitors with its currency exchange rate charts.

The interface is simple, and when checking indicators, this site often offered favorable conditions for exchange. In dollars, the turnover is calculated for registered users at a discount:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The site is not so old; it appeared in 2015. But he has already been added to many of the monitoring, the feedback about him is only positive. It is also possible to earn from collaboration, from the 1st line 0. 6%, from the second line 0. 2%.

  1. Cheap bitcoin exchanger

Real professionals use this exchange point. The minimum amount for exchange here is 0. 05 BTC, and besides them Litecoin and Ethereum are available.

Transactions are conducted automatically, but technical support is always available. The interface is simple and convenient, there are many directions:

The best exchangers for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

For the entire duration of the project, exchanges totaling over 100 million rubles were made through it. The reviews are good, and in the affiliate program deductions reach 30% from each referral transaction.

The list of bitcoin exchangers can be continued for a long time, because hundreds of exchange points have already added cryptographic money. But is it necessary? After all, 10 proven and high-quality sites are quite enough to perform the necessary operations.

Favorable exchangers for the bitcoin, ruble, lightcoin, dollar and in other directions have to be constantly searched.

Indicators are floating, even on one site, they can change several times within an hour. Now you have a selection of sites where you can monitor data and select suitable conditions.

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