The best exchange of links on the machine

Link exchanges are special sites where webmasters and optimizers can buy and sell links. Today, there are quite a few such exchanges, but if necessary, purchase and sale of links, you need to choose the best exchange links.

Besides the fact that you can get more payment from the most popular exchanges, when you buy links, their quality will be more high.

The best exchange of links on the machine

Overview of link exchanges

Which link exchanges can be called the best? To do this, we have collected information about several resources that work stably and have the largest number of users:

  • - the largest exchange that was opened in 2008. At the moment there are more than half a million users, 725 thousand sites registered in it, and the placement of links is proposed on 640 million pages.

    The indicators are impressive, but you should bear in mind that this is an exchange of temporary links. What does temporary mean? They are not set permanently, but for a certain period of time. Payment for them is made every day (for example, 1 ruble per day). To register on this site, you will need to provide real passport data.

  • - 700 thousand sites are registered on this exchange, and placement is offered on 431 million pages.

    The indicators are slightly lower than those of Sape, but nevertheless also quite high. For several years of development, this project has become quite large, and the interface and functionality have been improved. I would also like to note that this exchange has been functioning since 2005, which is also an indicator of stability.

  • - the next link sale service provides for placing links on blogs and social networks.

    According to many optimizers, such links are effective. Almost 200,000 advertising companies are already registered in the system, and the audience reach is 9 million users. On the main page of this exchange you will find videos that detail the processes of buying and selling links through Blogun.

  • - this exchange also provides for the purchase - sale of links on blogs.

    The indicators for this site differ significantly from those of other link exchanges. For example, the number of advertisers is only 17 thousand, and there are only 25 thousand sites for placement. Nevertheless, stable work and guaranteed payments are already the cause of attention to this resource.

Link exchanges are different. Recently, search engines strictly refer to purchase links and apply various penalties.

This was the impetus for the spread of a new type of link purchase - article promotion . The point is simple, you are buying not just a link, but an article on the webmasters' website in which the link is embedded.

The best exchange of links on the machine

Which article exchange for selling links is better?

Best exchanges links for article promotion this and gogetlinks. From 150 to 180 thousand participants are registered on these exchanges.

Requirements for sites are different everywhere, so before making a choice on which stock exchange to monetize a site, read the terms of use and learn more about large projects:

  1. - this exchange is more suitable for monetization than for buying links. Through it, links are placed in separate blocks, webmasters simply add code. It looks like a contextual ad, and payment comes daily. For most CMS even developed plugins.
  2. - exchange of links for a site with high requirements. Only quality sites come here, so there are not so many of them (13,500). In the index from 100 pages, not less than 50 hosts per day and TIC from 10. Additional services are also offered to strengthen the reference mass and guarantees of indexation.
  3. - the most popular exchange of eternal links, where high requirements are also set. There are a little less available sites (9000). Sites with the age of six months, at least 10 TIC, at least 80 pages in the index. For increasing the link weight, the option is good, but the prices are high.
  4. - another good link exchange in articles where there is a unique offer. You can buy a package of links at once, they will be placed on the resources of a suitable subject with a guarantee of indexing. For optimizers, several tariffs have been developed, all platforms have a TIC of 10.

For whatever purposes you use these platforms, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality. For many years they have provided services and ensure that links are not removed, and webmasters honestly receive their money. Just do not rush, consider all the options and correctly assess the quality of donors.

The best exchange of links on the machine

Working with links exchanges on the machine

Some webmasters, especially owners of commercial sites, do not have enough time to do the necessary work.The usual exchange of selling links does not suit them, they are ready to overpay for professionals to choose donors.

To automate this is real, several companies are engaged in increasing the reference mass:

  1. is an easy-to-use and efficient service. Everything is quickly and easily configured in it, statistics from Metrics and Liveinternet are integrated. To build up the reference mass, well-thought-out strategies drawn up by professionals based on extensive experience are used.
  2. - after adding your resource to the system and adding keywords, you will get an approximate cost of getting to the first positions. This is very convenient, plus you will be shown what needs to be redone on the page so that it is relevant to the request at 100%.
  3. - this is not just an exchange of links; promotion here turns out to be in several ways at once. Specialists are ready to help with contextual advertising, search promotion, analyze the content and so on. If you promote several resources at once, this project suits you.
  4. - according to reviews, this is the most effective system for auto-promotion. Through the link placement exchanges, they promote any type of site (including blogs). There are many useful tools, both for beginners and experienced SEOs.

Everyone is interested in the best exchange of links, but it is unlikely to find it. Each system has its pros and cons. To take them into account without personal use will not work, so it is better to try to cooperate with different projects.

Working with link exchanges requires certain knowledge. For example, it makes no sense to buy them from donors that are not suitable subjects or turned into linkbreaks.

Choose popular link exchanges so as not to worry that someone will withdraw them or that money will not come for the work done.

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