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The basics of website promotion on the midrange - Profit Hunter

To begin with, a little theory, the practice will be in the following posts. Let's understand the terminology.
LF (low-frequency query) is a rarely requested keyword phrase or word.
HF (high-frequency query) is a frequently requested keyword phrase or word.
MF (Medium Frequency Inquiry) is a cross between LF and HF.
The request frequency is the number of searches for a key phrase or word per month through a particular search engine.

In fact, there is no clear boundary between types of requests. For example, each person determines for himself what number of requests per month will be considered mid-frequency. The number of requests characteristic of the midrange can only be determined approximately.
If we take requests from 100 thousand to 1 million per month and higher for HF, and requests less than 10 thousand for LF, the MF will be approximately in the region from 10 to 100 thousand requests per month .

Promotion in the MF, as in other types of requests, is closely related to the optimization of the page of the site, which we will promote and promote. Usually half the success will depend on the correctness of the page optimization. The remaining 50% of the success of promotion will depend on the correctness of the purchase or link exchange. It should be borne in mind that the promotion of the MF will be more expensive and requires more effort in optimizing and selecting high-quality sites for links than in LF (where you can do only by optimizing the pages of the site).

The basics of website promotion on the midrange - Profit Hunter

Consider an example of promotion on the midrange. Suppose you have decided on the topic of the article and selected the necessary midrange. Next you need to work with the text and do the promotion of this page. First you need to optimize the page for the selected request. First of all, it is very important that the SC is contained in the title of the article, and also repeated a certain number of times in the article itself (just do not overdo it!). Compliance with this rule will already give you an advantage over your competitors. Next, you need to place on other sites links to your page with the anchor containing the selected midrange. But it is still necessary to uniquely, if possible, every link, so that Google does not apply its filter to them. The more links and the more quality links (it is not recommended to put links to porn, pharma, warez and casino sites), the higher is the position of your site in the search engine.

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